Based on Microsoft Advertising that provides PPC advertising on Bing, you can conclude that this is an ideal way for those who have a limited budget but still want to optimize their company and promote it. Let’s start from the beginning. We heard from PPC agency Chicago that you’d need to know some basics like:

What Are Bing Ads?

Bing Ads represent search ads on the Microsoft Advertising PPC platform. They are something like Google Ads. In a nutshell, they work this way: First of all is to create a targeting keyword group, following some rules. When creating these groups, you should use appropriate keywords to improve relevancy and identify which group of words has a high cost per conversion. Then, you’re probably able to see which keyword has triggered the spend and is this keyword necessary for a successful campaign. That targeting group will give you a much better position to reach a high-Quality Score. Your ad bids will be on the top, and they will get maximum visibility.

How to Create Microsoft Advertising Bing Ads Campaign?

When you’ve created your account, it’s time to focus on your goal. It depends on you. So, you can choose from phone calls, conversions, dynamic search ads, and others. Then you need to set your campaign settings like the name of your campaign and budget. After that, create ad groups and decide which keyword group you’ll use.

Bing Ads vs. Google Ads 

  • Keywords – Google and Bing can offer a keyword targeting, keyword research tool, broad match, and other. The thing is that keyword traffic is lower on Bing. Keyword research represents a discovery tool that can provide a constant stream of relevant, new keywords that search engine users use every day to find your site. Keyword organization is essential to put your keywords into groups and meaningful hierarchy. Also, pay attention to negative keyword research that can be helpful with rising PPC rates and lowing CTR costs. Related to these keywords is good content. Google wants it simple but try a bit harder with Bing.
  • CTR(Click Through Rate) – Bing Ads offer much bigger shopping and financial resources than Google Ads. Having this in mind, they also have higher CTRs for financial services search verticals.
  • Cost – Google is more popular, so its price per click is around $2, but on the other side, Bing has a lower price. Clicks on Bing are cheaper, and advertisers can get more for their dollar. The fact is that with the right traffic, Bing can generate much more sales on a lower PPC.
  • Quality of traffic differences – Maybe the last thing you want is unpleasant customers committing click fraud on your ads. As you may probably know, Google is the most popular and the largest search engine. Google Ads have built anti-fraud systems. These systems can identify which clicks are fraud, and then they can refund a cost as invalid clicks, but the results are debatable. Also, Bing Ads has an anti-fraud department, and they have the option to report, but it’s hard to say which one is better.

When you’ve learned the basics, it’s on you to develop your Bing Ad account and optimize your content to get more views. This could also be a way to promote your business with a small or just limited budget.

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