Nowadays, internet access is pretty much essential. Sure, you could get by without it. But really, it’s something that the majority use to get by in our day to day lives. We use our internet connections to work. We use them to socialize with friends through social media. We use them to shop for anything we could possibly need – from clothes to groceries, booking a holiday, taking out insurance or anything else.

We use them to manage and pay our bills through online accounts. We use them to learn, find answers to questions and get information on anything from the latest news to recipes for our meals. We entertain ourselves with a seemingly endless variety of Youtube videos, film and TV streaming services, music streaming services and more. When it comes down to it, every household could really do with internet access. Now, there are various ways to access the internet. Some of us will simply connect to personal hotspots and use the data from our smartphones.

But, generally speaking, the most common and popular choice tends to be having a home broadband connection. There are a number of options out there and you’ll have to browse them all to be absolutely sure that you’ve got the best deal. But for now, let’s take a moment to see how you can reduce broadband-related costs and to look at the best current deals on the market.

Saving On Your Broadband

Let’s start by sharing some basic tips and tricks that will help you to secure the lowest-cost broadband offer that you require.

Use a Price Comparison Site

First things first, you should always use a price comparison site to determine the best deal out there right now. Sure, you could look up every single brand yourself and compare notes on offers listed on each of their individual pages. But chances are you aren’t even aware of all the different brands out there. On top of this, it will prove extremely time-consuming and you can save yourself a lot of work by simply getting a price comparison site to do it for you. You can find a comparison chart of the best deals right nowhere.

Make Sure Your Preferred Provider Covers Your Area

You might have had some recommendations from friends and family, flaunting great packages that they’ve been able to secure themselves. But remember not all broadband providers cover all areas and all property types. Some apartment complexes, in particular, may only allow you to use certain, select providers. Most will have some sort of coverage checker on their site, where you can input your postcode and determine whether the company can provide broadband to your home in particular.

Know What You’re Looking For

Broadband isn’t as straightforward a subject as to whether you have broadband or not. There are different types of broadband (such as standard or fiber) and these can provide you with different download speeds. Generally speaking, fiber has faster speeds and, while not absolutely essential for everyone, can better suit larger households with more people and devices connecting to the internet at once. It can also be good for those who watch a lot of HD films or play a lot of online games. Only you will be able to tell whether the increased cost of fiber is justified. You’ll also have to take into consideration whether you’re looking for broadband on its own, or whether you’re looking for other services too, which you could save on by opting for a package from your provider. This could be a package that covers your broadband as well as your phone line, TV and more.

The Best Broadband Deals This Spring

Once you know what you’re looking for and are ready to use a price comparison site, you can start browsing the market here. We’ll highlight some of the best spring offers below to help you along the way too!

Vodafone Superfast 2

Most of us associate Vodafone with providing mobile data. However, they do offer broadband too! Their Superfast 2 package runs on a 24-month contract, which is pretty standard for most providers. You can have unlimited downloads, there are no setup costs (so not costly initial outlay when you sign up) and their average speed is 64MB. This all comes in at an extremely impressive £22.95 a month. Plus, if you’re an existing Vodafone customer, you can save further with a £2 monthly discount, making the entire package £20.95 a month.

TalkTalk Unlimited Fibre

Again, TalkTalk tends to be a brand that crops into our minds when talking about mobiles and mobile data. But again, this is an extensive company that also provides home broadband. The following deal is an online exclusive, so you will have to take your contract out online to get it. But it’s more than worth the setup process. For just £23.50 a month, you can get broadband with an average speed of 38MB and unlimited downloads. Again, there are no set up fees involved. The difference? This is a shorter contract at just 18 months.


BT tends to be a firm favorite when it comes to home broadband providers – and for good reason. They’re reliable and provide a good quality service. You can expect to fork out a little more for the name though. If you are set on using BT, you can currently get broadband with an average speed of 68MB with unlimited downloads on a 24-month contract for £34.99 per month. There’s also an initial set up fee of £9.99.

Sure, broadband might be a monthly outlay that isn’t an absolute essential. But the vast majority of us consider its financial benefits to far outweigh the financial commitment they come hand in hand with. Hopefully, the above information, guidance, and recommendations will help you to secure the best deal to meet your needs at the best possible price!


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