Many users get excited when they get free wifi from some third party and use it to their fullest. Sometimes while using it, by mistake also access some of their confidential documents or files regarding their work through the internet. This sometimes causes anxiety to the users regarding their privacy. Due to such happenings many take to the internet and search the popular question can wifi hotspot owners see what you search? Well, we shall answer this very question in this article today.

If you also want a clear answer to the question “can wifi hotspot owners see what you search?” then you should go through the whole article. In this article, we shall be seeing a detailed answer regarding if the wifi hotspot owner can see what you search. The answer to this is not very straightforward, it is very complex. This is why it is recommended to go through the article. We shall look into this matter in a very detailed way in this article.

How Does a Hotspot work?

The working of a Hotspot is very simple. In this, if you have a wifi emitting device, you can share the internet with it. This can include devices like router, smartphones, LAN cables which is capable of emitting wifi. This device shall be connected to the internet and will emit the internet through the wifi.

It can be either 3G,4G, or 5G depending on the internet which is available in the device. You can also create a hotspot by switching on the hotspot of your phone. This can be used by some other person to access the internet from your device. It can also work between computer and laptop. The internet speed will depend upon the host device’s internet speed.

Can WiFi Hotspot Owners See What You Search?

Now coming to the main question can the hotspot provider see my history, well the answer is not straightforward. Let me explain it in detail in this subsection. Now I shall first take the case of a mobile hotspot. Well, mobile hotspots are designed in a way that the user cannot see your searches. The Internet service provider does not let any users do that because it might lead to legal consequences.

But this does not mean that there are no worries for you, users may do some modifications to get your data. The person sharing the hotspot can modify some things to know what you are searching for. There are instances where people who have given hotspots to some people have invaded their privacy. There are apps like MSPY which can tell you how much data they have taken from you.

But the scenario is completely different in the case of wifi. Wifi is highly unprotected, there is a huge chance that the wifi might invade your privacy. A lot of third-party wifi that is available for free is generally kept to pull out certain data from the user’s mobile. In some cases, the user’s phone is completely hacked. Unless it is Google station do not connect to any unknown third-party wifi.

Companies like Netgear have such facilities by which they can easily track what you see. Other companies do the same. If the person is a tech-savvy one, he/s he can develop their software to hack the information in your phone.

So coming to the question “can wifi hotspot owners see what you search”, I will put it like this, by default no one can see your history. But if somebody has made some special arrangement within their hotspot system then definitely they can hack any information in your phone.

How can you secure your information?

While there are a ton of ways by which they can hack into your phone using a hotspot, there are a ton of things you can do to protect yourself. Over here, we shall be seeing several ways by which you can protect your phone from getting hacked.

1. Use a VPN

There are several reliable VPNs available which you can use to protect your phone. A VPN is a virtual private network, it helps you hide your actual identity. A VPN masks your real identity and prevents you from getting attacked. It also saves you from any kind of surveillance which your institution might be having on you.  Having a VPN while using any third-party wifi will safeguard you from any problem.

2. Use A Firewall

A firewall is a software that observes the incoming and outgoing traffic and prevents any malicious thing from coming in. There are several firewalls available for your phone and computer. You can install them in your system and use them. Some very reliable names in the Firewall industries are Bullguard, Tiny wall, Net Defender.

3. Use Antimalware Software

There is a ton of malware detection software that you can download and install in your system. Whenever you are going to connect to third-party wifi, you can use this software and see if the wifi contains malware. Softwares like AVG antivirus help you do this work. As soon as you detect any malware do not connect to the smartphone.

4. Observe the Wifi after you Connect

There are some instances where after connecting to particular wifi some unknown app starts installing. This is a big red flag, This app can be malware or software which can be used to hack your system. So you should immediately disconnect your phone from the wifi.

There can be other such anomalous behavior like receiving an anonymous email. If you find any such email do not open it. There can be other such anomalous behavior which your device can exhibit when you connect to unknown wifi. You need to be cautious about all this and disconnect the wifi as soon as possible.

These are some of the things you can do to protect your work. You should use an amalgamation of these things.


Hope you got a good answer to the question “can wifi hotspot owners see what you search?”. I hope you understood, it depends on various situations. Do use the prevention methods to safeguard your device from getting hacked. Use a reliable VPN, Firewall, or wifi scanner, this will be safeguarding your device from any unannounced attack.

Apart from that do check the behavior of the wifi and disconnect immediately in case of an anomaly. So in nutshell, you have to protect yourself from getting hacked, though by default no one is allowed to check your internet history, people might do it by employing other methods. So be careful.

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