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At what point should you consider plastic surgery?

Do you know aboutĀ 17.7 million peopleĀ undergo plastic surgery in the U.S. alone? This number is snowballing because...

8 Reasons Why You Should Play Online Casino Games

When we think of online gaming, one thing that comes to mind aside from RPG, action, or...

How Can Medical Cannabis Help Fight Addiction?

For patients dealing with chronic pain, harm reduction is a strategy to prevent addiction, and some therapists...

BCN3D unveils professional Epsilon 3D printer with IDEX technology.

BCN3D, a Barcelona-based manufacturer of FMD 3D printers with IDEX technology, announced Epsilon, a professional desktop large-format...

How APIs and Algorithms are Improving Online Casino UX

The online casino market is one of the most competitive industries globally. Thus, hundreds of websites are...