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Is your home lacking in comfort? Do you think that something needs to be changed? That the apartment does not bring you such pleasure as before when you played games on the site https://www.playamo.com/games/poker? This means that there are nuances that you completely forgot about. In the hustle and bustle of everyday days, many do not even notice that the warmth has ceased to blow from the house, but a family nest is a place where every family member can take a break from all the problems. Therefore, you need to take care to make the apartment really cozy.

A few simple tips will help you turn a compact living space into a harmonious, spacious, cozy place that you won’t want to leave for a long time.

Maximum Use of Space

In a small apartment, every square centimeter should “work”. Get creative and use the space according to your own preferences. Combine the kitchen with the living room, a sofa with a work table, fix the TV on the facade of the kitchen cabinet or arrange it in the form of a picture on the wall. The windowsill will serve as a great place for reading books, relaxing, and contemplating the landscape outside the window. Do not forget about the balcony. This island, taken out of the house, can quite become a cozy and inseparable part of the living space.

Competent Lighting

The main and, perhaps, the most important source of light in a small apartment is the window, so you should make sure that daylight freely penetrates the room. You can play with lighting by including reflective surfaces in the design: glass, mirrors, special paint for wall decoration, metalized wallpaper. A variety of lighting fixtures will help to emphasize the individual areas of the apartment and set the required level of brightness in the room (from dazzling white to muffled intimate). Experiment with the textures of lampshades, designs, and colors of lampshades – this will make the apartment more spacious, airy, and comfortable.

Reasonable Zoning

The limited area imposes a great responsibility on a small apartment: to correctly emphasize and harmoniously combine different spheres of life of its owners. Dressing room, bedroom, living room, workplace, children’s corner – how to squeeze it all into a mini-room, chained by four walls? Apply options that help separate different areas from each other and make efficient use of space. Partitions, screens, an arch or a podium, a bar counter, and sliding doors – all these architectural elements will contribute to creating the illusion of a multi-sectorial single space.

Light Colors

As you know, each color has its own mood and its own “mission”. Colder shades can make the interior volumetric, austere and elegant. Warm – soft, cozy, homey. Light colors will visually increase the space of the room, give the room openness and cleanliness. The white wall will serve as a canvas on which you can embody the wildest fantasies, reflecting the individual style of the apartment residents. If you are attracted to more dynamic colors, use them, but choose a monochromatic range of deep, saturated hues. Let them be reflected in the overall design of the apartment and resonate with the details of the interior.

Multifunctional Furniture

Everything that can be combined – we combine, everything that can be hidden in something – we hide. Sofas with a berth and drawers for linen, folding chairs, transforming tables, chairs that will replace stairs, and bunk beds with a built-in workplace are not a whim, but a necessity for a small area. Pay attention to the purchase of a sofa – it is he who will become the central “character” of a miniature apartment. A bulky, angular product in dark colors is a

solid “no”. To a cozy soft “baby” upholstered in light fabric, with bright accents in the form of pillows or bolsters – three times “yes”.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary and Old Furniture

How to make an old apartment cozy? If you want to replace old furniture, and the budget does not allow you to purchase new, then you can simply update the one that is available. Cabinets, tables, dressers can be pasted over with a special film, and sofas and armchairs can be covered with new covers. Fortunately, the assortment in construction hypermarkets allows you to choose materials for every taste and budget.

If you simply cannot part with old things, because you feel sorry for them and there are many memories associated with them, then you should overcome yourself and transport them at least to the dacha. Remember, old and worn furniture will not allow you to make your apartment cozy.

If you have decided to buy a new furniture set, then when choosing, take into account not only the latest fashion trends but also the style of furniture. The style should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the apartment. The color must be matched to the finish of the walls.

It is better to choose furniture from natural materials: wood and glass. Plastic products look ridiculous and cheap, which means that the apartment will not be comfortable.

Quality textiles

Textile elements are the key to creating a homely atmosphere. Use them wherever they fit harmoniously and create the desired effect. Pay special attention to the selection of curtains. Light, transparent curtains, decorated with vertical patterns, visually “stretch” the room. Especially if you fix them not on the line of the window, but directly under the ceiling. Lovers of unusual design can decorate windows with heavy curtains of dark, rich shades of velvet or soft fabrics. Such a move will instantly catch the eye and give additional visibility of livability and a feeling of comfort in the apartment.


Add live plants to the interior – this will add coziness and make the interior more homely. If you are afraid that you will not be able to take care of the plants properly and they will die, then you can use the so-called. “Stabilized” plants. They are created using special technology, the water inside the plant is replaced with glycerin. Such plants stand indoors for 5-8 years and look completely alive, but they do not need to be watered.

Important Little Things

In order for a small room to sparkle with all the colors, it is necessary to “breathe life” into it and fill it with objects dear to the heart: memorable photographs of loved ones, cups or medals, significant books, souvenirs brought from distant wanderings. Mix elements of different styles, adding texture and visual mood to the room. A cover for a sofa made of fluffy fur, vintage candlesticks, soft pillows, decorative elements made of wood – details as if created for a cozy home. Mirrors will visually enlarge the space, living plants or unusual mini-trees will serve as bright accents that will add color to a small apartment. Increasing the level of comfort in an area that is very modest in size is a challenge that not everyone can handle. But great desire, patience, and a dose of creativity can work wonders.

With a skillful approach, you can make a cozy burrow out of a faceless cave, the best place to live!

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