Having plants around you is always a good choice. Every plant that you nurture bestows you with beauty and positivity. The potted green beauties are adored for their significance and their ability to make your life better and bright.

Some plants like the Bonsai tree and Aglaonema varieties plant are nourished for their promising health benefits, while air-purifying plants of Peace lily, Boston Fern make your home a living paradise. In its varying forms, plants only give. Therefore, you will find spaces thriving with plants. If you also wish to have plants around your home, you must select the right one.

According to the science of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, placing the right plant in the right direction is of utmost importance if you wish to embrace a living space characterized by happiness, calmness, and luck. Because, if not, plants can also become a harbinger of negative energy.

Decorating homes naturally as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra is the best thing.

  1. Money Plant: Living true to its name, the money plant is known to bestow the owner with wealth, fortune, and prosperity. According to the laws of Vastu, a money plant should be placed in the south-east direction of the living hall or the home. The South-East direction is known to be owned by Lord Ganesha– the remover of obstacles and the deity of new beginnings. Additionally, the heart-shaped leaves of the money plant make it a natural charmer.
  2. Lucky Bamboo: As the name quite suggests, it is the plant of Good Luck. Lucky Bamboo is placed in homes and offices for attracting good vibes. You can place a plant of lucky bamboo in the south for attracting Chi energy. When Lucky Bamboo is placed as a centerpiece on the dining table, it promotes abundance. Also, the stalk arrangement of Lucky Bamboo is symbolic of feelings that is vital to consider. Like, three stalks represent happiness, life, and wealth, meaning three-stalked Lucky Bamboo can be placed in the kitchen or dining room.
  3. Tulsi: Having Tulsi at home means blessing your home with holiness and sacredness. For centuries, people nurture the Tulsi plant in their verandahs and open spaces. As per the guidelines of the Vastu Shastra, North, East or North-East direction is considered auspicious for the Holy Tulsi. Also, Tulsi is considered to be the queen of herbs, thus treating various ailments. Therefore, Vastu Shastra highly advocates the presence of Tulsi at home.
  4. Aloe Vera: When it’s about plants, it’s hard to ignore this succulent beauty. Aloe Vera is everyone’s favorite because of the health benefits. But, did you know it also attracts positive energy? Aloe Vera in the north or east direction can make your home and life more positive.
  5. Banana Tree: Banana tree is holy, and that’s the reason the banana leaves are worshipped. It is also a plant of good health. Keep the Banana tree in the north-east direction of your home to receive the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Buy rare plants online and keep them in directions considered favorable by Vastu Shastra for healthy home environments and fulfilling life.

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