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Drug abuse is one of the most common problems that’s observed in the black community. While there can never be a good enough reason to justify drug abuse, the black community finds it an escape from the harsh reality of their life.

African Americans face excessive discrimination. They’re more than often kept from their basic rights. They don’t have a say in anything and aren’t given equal opportunities as white people. The black community is one of the most frustrated communities and is so for all the right reasons. Since they don’t have a say in anything and they can’t really do something to improve their situation, they end up taking drugs.

Drug abuse can lead to several social, physical, and emotional problems that can get worst. It can lead to seizures, strokes, and mental damages. Not just this, it can also affect memory and can adversely affect the physical body too. One of the best ways in which African Americans can help themselves is through family services.

Before knowing everything about family services, let’s first understand how adversely drugs can affect our lives.

Symptoms and Effects of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can affect one’s relationships negatively, whether it is at home or at the workplace apart from the detrimental effects it has on the health. When it comes to children, it can impact their work and how they are performing in their schools. It creates difficulty in retaining their jobs and excelling in careers, which can lead to financial problems and strains.

Moreover, they are at higher risk of aggressive sexual behavior, which can lead to severe illegal crimes. They get caught in overthinking, which further leads to mental issues and compromised physical health. Not just this, but their responsibilities remain unfulfilled. These problems lead them towards consuming more drugs which worsens the symptoms.

What are Family Services?

Family services are actually communities that work voluntarily to assist parents and heads of the families in fulfilling the best of their roles in the families in order to strive for a happy life and a joyful society. Starting from one’s birth to they being grown up, families play a vital role in their development, and therefore, family services help them return to a healthy lifestyle where there are no drugs.

Expanding Relationships

The primary way through which one can be compelled to stay away from drug abuse is to help them in finding an activity that drives their attention away from drugs. With the help of family services, one can work on expanding their social network. With that, one would be engaged in meeting with others, which would lead to a distraction when it would come to substance abuse. Black Americans can definitely get rid of drug abuse through family services such as AAFS.


Family services encourage families and their heads to be aware of how they should behave with their loved ones. It encourages the head of the family to give their families a chance to talk as this is a way they could possibly get rid of all destructive addictions. In this way, black Americans would tend to share their feelings and would not have to choose the method of drugs to vent out their frustrations.

Capitalize Family Role

Family can play an essential part when it comes to preventing something, whether it is drug abuse or any other addiction. Once the head of the family takes responsibility for their family, it would result in the prevention of destructive habits like drug abuse. This could result in their rehab, and they can find a way out of drug abuse and rejuvenate.

We can’t deny the fact that family services in past years have brought about a positive impact and helped solve numerous problems that were a part of the black community. A positive change has been seen in Black Americans, and many of them have started to steer away from drug addiction.

Family services enable several families to start applying these factors in their life which ends up being beneficial for them as a family. Drug abuse can result in severe mental status changes and drowsiness which decreases one’s efficiency. Family services can play a significant role and positively impacts one’s life.

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