Earning Your Ph.D. in Psychology

The pinnacle of higher education. The thing that makes it all worthwhile. That little piece of paper that proves you did it — your Ph.D.While you worked hard to get there, make no mistake, it was methodical. Making your way through high school and even your undergrad can be done without too much of a headache, and many students pass with flying colors without ever really trying. Grad school, on the other hand, is completely different. If you don’t plan out every move, you will fall behind.

Ph.D. in Psychology

Realistically speaking it will probably take prospective PhDs 8+ years to obtain their coveted psychology degree. If not, it will take more. Between school and interning the road to the doctoral is a long one filled with many challenges. To complete your Ph.D. in psychology students must be fully dedicated to the degree. You will probably have to fulfill some sort of residency to receive your degree. You may be in a point in your life where social and family obligation begins to creep in and start demanding more time out of you. You will need to fight this urge and remain focused. Only the strong survive on the road to the doctorate.

Depending on whether you got a BA or a BS during your undergrad will determine your coursework as a grad student. It will also depend on whether or not you want to go into clinical psychology or more of a research position upon graduation.

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