If there’s something good that came out of 2020, it’s the fact that our environment is in a better place. Due to the lack of human activities, including tourism, several places recovered. Animal and plant populations also recovered since most people are at home. The downside is that the economy is in terrible shape. People lost their jobs. Some countries used up their financial resources to fight the health crisis. Therefore, if we manage to contain this pandemic, the next step is economic recovery. We have to gradually recover what we lost. It will bring back jobs and allow countries to be in better financial shape. However, even if we decide to focus on economic recovery, it shouldn’t in any way destroy the successes obtained in 2020 on the environmental protection front.

Continue environment-friendly practices

If we started practicing environment-friendly habits at homes and offices, we should keep doing them. Some of these habits were difficult at first. Recycling didn’t come naturally for a lot of people. However, since 2020 gave more opportunities to practice, it became easier. Moving forward, there’s no reason to halt any of these practices.

Avoid destroying natural habitats to create buildings

There’s nothing wrong with constructing buildings and other facilities as long as they’re in the right places. They should also be reasonable enough. If we end up destroying natural habitats in the process, it’s no longer a good practice. We can’t go back to our old ways where we keep destroying forests and marine resources to construct more buildings.

Continue finding environmental protection agencies

Some organizations work hard to help protect the environment. They don’t make money out of it. For them, it’s about being sincere in saving the environment. These organizations understand the severity of the problem, and they wish to take the right steps. They deserve more funding. If you can’t do many things yourself, you should at least help organizations that will.

Waste management should remain a priority

The good thing about 2020 is that we reduced pollution. Since most people stayed home, it became easier to manage trash. It should stay that way moving forward. If you worked with a junk removal company Evergreen in 2020 to help segregate and dispose of trash at home, you need to keep going. You found the right partner, and it’s worth the price. We came a long way in reducing the amount of trash. We shouldn’t stop now.

Economic recovery will happen even if we continue the efforts to save the environment. Choosing between these two is a false choice. We can make both of them happen. It requires cooperation and the right government policies. It would help if you also kept asking your government officials to not forget the environment on the road to economic recovery. Given how difficult it will be to recover from this mess, the priority might get misplaced. Learn to organize to have a bigger voice in pushing for policies that will save the environment.

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