In the IT field, staff augmentation is taking the industry to another level, which means business organizations can hire remotely globally. Before we continue, let us define what staff augmentation is. Well, it is a strategy used in outsourcing when hiring skilled personnel in the IT field worldwide. Through development, you can skillfully manage your team well. You have the option of selecting the required skills that suit your business needs. Augmentation helps you to add or remove workers as per your wish.

In the information and technology field, staff augmentation enables you to add skilled personnel to your team in the process of development either on a long term basis or just a short term basis. Staff augmentation is cost-effective because the dealer performs all the activities.

Note: Any remote developer hired via the staff augmentation process is entitled to only one project at a time.

The perfect time to consider staff augmentation

The right moment for team augmentation is when you have a team of workers, but there is a need for another programmer to work on another section of a bigger project. As a result, there is a gap to be filled though in your locality; there are few professionals whom you can run to. It then hits you that you possibly can’t hire locally due to competition and the long processes involved. The second option you think of is hiring from developed countries. This means that you have to outsource through a company that deals with outsourcing. However, you will realize that the outsourcing option is not viable as well because you can’t communicate with your remote workers directly. Also, you want to embrace your local programmers and make them feel part of you. The only option remaining to fulfill your desires is staff augmentation.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation


You have all the freedom to choose the kind of skilled personnel to fit your business needs and have control over their activities in staff augmentation.

Service management

Unlike staff augmentation where you manage your workers and the jobs they perform, outsourcing companies are disadvantaged when it comes to service management. In the end, you don’t feel part of the project because you have no idea who is handling your project and what stages they are in. Above all, you can’t make any changes because you don’t know the process and decisions being made in the process.

Good Productivity results

Since developers work on one project at a time in staff augmentation, it is guaranteed that productivity level will increase. When handling a client’s project one at a time, you put all the focus and dedication towards the project, and your main aim is to come out with amazing results. This is not the same case in outsourcing agencies where remote workers can handle several projects at the same time to make more profits.


In staff augmentation, there are no extra organizational expenses like work stations, office space, and other unnecessary costs. It is the vendors who manage where they will work from as long as you pay the amount agreed. This also gives you ample time to concentrate on the operations of your business.

Secured IP Rights

As much as you involve other professional developers in your project, you are assured of all IP rights. They all belong to you.


In staff augmentation, you are flexible because;

You can always replace a developer any time you wish appropriate.

You have access to hundreds of IT experts ranging from front-end developers, UI/UX design, product owners, and scrum masters.

Decision making

Working with different developers may call for different decisions being made towards the company’s project. However, you can only make decisions if you are operating through a staff augmentation model or if you are working directly with product companies.

You can form your Research and Development center

If you need to expand your team to a more significant number, you have all the freedom to set up your research and development center in a country that is good enough for the business. All you need is to learn about the operations of the specific country and how they practice such businesses legally.

To succeed in staff augmentation, you have to select a vendor that will take care of the needs of your remote developers. Daxx is the best option because they have different rooms to fulfill the requirements of the clients. Below is the process of Daxx staff augmentation:

State your needs- You highlight what you are looking for and what you expect

Interview and selection of developers- According to your business needs, an interview and selection process are carried out to get the perfect fit.

Work progress- After selection, the developers are given workstations to work from

Support system- An expert manager is always assigned to your developers to ensure good results are produced at the end of the project.


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