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While staying home comes with many benefits, it is also easy to start paying attention to all the things you still need to add, fix, and change. If you’re finding it hard to pick an area to start, here are some design trends and ideas to get you well on your way to making your home into a haven again.

Flooring Is Essential

When refurbishing your home, the floor is one of the largest areas in the house so it plays a big role in the look and feel of your home. Choosing greys makes it look clean and modern whereas choosing a wood flooring or wood effect LVT would make it a lot more traditional and warm. If you have a busy household then LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) is a good option as these are waterproof and scratch-resistant so they can handle a lot of foot traffic. They also come in a range of styles and effects.

Use Pantone’s Choices To Add a Pop Of Colour

Every year Pantone choses a colour or two to highlight and encourage people to bring their chosen hues into their homes and to breathe life into dark corners. This year, the colours chosen are a particularly fetching shade of yellow called Illuminating and a softer, more muted tone called Ultimate Gray.

While many usually splash out and use these colours on their walls as a statement area before buying matching shades of artwork or flowers, it is also quite easy to use the colours to revamp an old furniture item or two to give it a new lease on life.

Add Elements Of Luxury 

When you spend enough time at home, you will quickly realise areas which you never quite paid attention to before suddenly become more meaningful, especially when it comes to luxurious touches. While luxury is deeply personal, it may be time that you dig in and discover exactly what luxury means to you – before bargain hunting ways in which to reach this goal. Consider if luxury to you is a cosy faux fur throw you can snuggle under on your couch?

A burnished copper pot set to make you smile in pride each time you use them in your kitchen. An elegant plate for your nightly meals. Or is it perhaps some new bedding in a breathable linen or cotton? If you realise your budget is quite constrained, start small and look at adding luxury in ways such as a new set of slip covers for your cushions, a soft pair of slippers to wear each morning and night, or even by upgrading the quality of coffee or tea that you normally buy.

Add Life To A Space With Plants

While buying several fake plants at the store as a filler option can be a good way to start venturing into home greenery, having a few real plants dotted about your living space is a great way to increase the overall oxygen of a home and get some additional therapeutic benefits. Caring for plants is a good way to up your feel-good hormones and make your home feel next-level good.

Evaluate your space before buying a plant to see which areas could use a pop of greenery, and suss out what kind of light levels are around before purchasing a high-light requiring plant which will wither away in the shadows of a hallway.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Good Lighting

A poorly lit area is unlikely to make anyone feel good, and if you’re living in a gloomy twilight all day, every day, you may not even realise you need to up your lighting game. Lights don’t only have to be patterned table lamps in dark corners, as pendent lights above seating areas, sturdy floor lamps behind the sofa and even softer dimming lights can all set a different mood.

Smart lightbulbs are set to be all the rage this year, and they’re quite convenient since most bulbs can be controlled from your smartphone where you can also access Grand Rush Casino, or via voice commands with ease. Look out for smart bulbs which can also play music via Bluetooth as these are a great option not only for dance lovers, but for those who enjoy listening to audio books.

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