Gone are the days when only iPhone users had the opportunity and the advantages of creating music. The use of GarageBand is very common amongst iOS users. GarageBand is music creation software, previously found on Macintosh now ported to iOS. But nowadays with advancing technologies, several GarageBand alternatives for android have been invented. These alternatives of GarageBand are used by Android, PC, and desktop users.

Now, not only iOS users but Android users can also come up with their musical talents and rock the world. There are many alternatives of GarageBand for Androids out there, each with its own interesting features. This article will make sure that you have all the information about the top 10 alternatives of GarageBand.

About Garageband

GarageBand is a digital audio workstation for iOS devices that allows you to record sounds either using touch or even recording your own voice and other audio sounds using the audio recorder. Many app developers have come up with the alternative of GarageBand with similar features and preface for Android users.

You can use these alternatives on Android phones, PC and desktops. Many of these Garageband alternatives for androids are free of cost available on the Google play store and some of them are paid. These alternatives of GarageBand have many options like mixing audios, recording vocals, performing loops, musical instruments, etc.

Top 10 GarageBand Alternatives for Android

Music can be soothing to our ears, funny, emotional, interesting, loving, refreshing and what not according to our choices and moods. With so many varieties of music-creating apps, anybody can express their minds and hearts to millions of people by creating new music at home.

Below is a list of some of the best alternatives of GarageBand for Androids:

1. Walk band

It is considered one of the best Garageband alternatives for Android users. Walk band has also been awarded as “editor’s choice” on the Google play store. You have got all the features in this app from piano keyboard to guitar and whatnot.

It allows you to work in both solo and chord modes. You can convert midi creations to MP3. Also allows you to edit MIDI and voice track recording as well as editing with the help of a multi-track synthesizer.


Let’s look at some of the interesting features of the Walk band which will give you a short background of it.

  • Several pieces of music can be selected at a time.
  • The sound produced gives you realistic effects.
  • Multichannel recording.
  • Recording and editing of voice tracks.
  • Piano roll mode editing.
  • Recording and editing of midi tracks.

2. Magix Music Maker Jam

The most interesting part of this app is that it allows you to create music by combining loops. Gives you the platform to record external voice. In simple words, it means, you can record your voice, song, rapping, and variety of sounds you can produce to add to your song list.

For this feature, you don’t even need to have in-depth knowledge of musical notation and other features.


Let’s have a quick review of the Magix music maker jam.

  • Design according to your preferences
  • Highly advanced, modern, and easy to access
  • A vast number of musical genres, approximately more than 70.
  • You can record your vocals
  • Can share to other social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and SoundCloud.
  • Adjustable harmonies and tempos for free.

3. Sound trap

Make your music, sound, and look richer and create your own library with high professional instruments and vocals. The sound trap is another demanding alternative app of GarageBand among Android users. It allows you to share your music in loops with high-quality frequencies.


Following are the few characteristics of the sound trap which will make sure to fulfill your demand.

  • Can save the recordings in the cloud.
  • Times, Spotify, Google play can be used for distribution purposes.
  • Collaborate using video chats and invite friends.
  • Sharing available to Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud.
  • High-quality and elongated sets of profound loops to create music.

4. n-track studio music DAW

It gives you the feature to completely turn your Android into a recording studio. It allows you to record and playback different midi tracks, audios, and vivid vocals.

You can easily edit, mix and add effects to your music. This app will give you another level of vibrant music. Finished work can also be shared with other musicians or partners.


Put your ideas forward and create your music according to your preferences using the following features.

  • Audio tracks are mono and stereo.
  • Aux and group channels.
  • A virtual midi keyboard is also available.
  • Sharing options like Facebook.
  • In one touch you can play drums and bass groove tracks.
  • Pitch and plugin correction of vocal tunes.
  • Frequency up to 192 kHz.

5. Caustic 3

If you were a fan of hardware synthesizers and controllers, you can blindly go on for Caustic 3. The primary priority of the app is music synthesizing, still, you can record sample voice. Also, this highly advanced app is very much in demand amongst mobile devices.

You can create your own track using 14 different features; organ, 8*Modular, pad synth, PCMsynth, bassline, KSSynth, beatbox, etc.


Let’s go through some of the features of caustic 3 and enjoy the music of all eras.

  • Can sequence songs
  • Editor and controller automation for recording.
  • Supports Uncompressed WAV files.
  • Automatic controlling.
  • Within a Single app, varieties of machines.
  • Hardware MIDI controllers this app.

6. FL studio

One of the best multitrack recording studios for Android is FL studio. For detailed music-making, it is also available in the PC version. It has an http://online-pharmacy.org additional feature of multi undo and redo for different editing screens.

Can share, import, and export midi files via email or Dropbox. It’s long-lasting because of its high-quality battery efficiency.


The following features will give you the entire outlook of FL studio.

  • Easily accessible and ready to use interface.
  • Devices and synthesizers are of high quality.
  • Over Wi-Fi, you can share and edit project data with iOS/Mac.
  • Midi files can be imported and exported.
  • Record audio.
  • Step sequence contributes to fast percussion programming.

7. Audio Evolution

Another alternative of GarageBand for Android users is Audio evolution with multitrack DAW (digital audio workstation). It allows you to use an internal mic and an external mic for Android smartphones and recording songs respectively. The specialty is that anywhere and anytime you can live record instruments.


Audio evolution can give you almost exact features like GarageBand.

  • Multiple track record
  • Singletrack record controlling
  • Here, sound fonts depend on virtual instruments.
  • Playback on loops
  • Track synchronization can be controlled through latency correction.
  • Conversion of sample rate

8. G-stomper Studio

You don’t have to step outside for a live performance. This Garageband alternative allows you to perform live with high studio quality at home. It is the best option for both beginners and pro editors involved in music-making.

A feature-like poly grid consists of 12 tracks of a polyphonic step sequencer. Another advantage is a large number of channels. You can mix 36 channels using The Mixer option using several effects.


This app has some of the most interesting options for music-making.

  • Multi voice filter
  • Exported music can be shared
  • Easy- peasy to use sample modulation
  • Can switch to portrait mode easily.
  • Polyphonic step sequencer
  • 36 channels for music mixing

9. Band Lab

If you are looking for the best “classic” GarageBand alternative for Android, go for this modernized version, Band Lab. Music-making sometimes is expensive but to bring out talents from every corner this app has free-of-cost features.

It has instant composing and saving options. It allows you to create music using multiple sound packs, eminent loops, vivid vocal and beat effects. Make your music journey like a rollercoaster with a banding lab.


The following features will give you a glimpse of the whole app.

  • Trailblazing with EDD and dubstep features.
  • Publish on the networking side.
  • Multiple mixtapes with 12 tracks
  • Over 100+guitars.
  • Variety of mixing and beat effects

10. uFXloops Music Studio

Discover your musical talents and create your own music with uFX loops music studio. Already recorded music can be given final touch-ups by importing the recorded music into the app.

This app also has a free look sequencer, so that you can repeat tunes in single music. It allows you to produce music according to your genre, taste, and preferences.


Present your music like a live performance using the following features.

  • Sample tracks editing
  • Beatmaker and mixer
  • Soundboards and loops sequencing
  • Record songs with your own drum beats
  • Synthesizer for different instruments.
  • Audio effects which include flanged, chorus, and distortion
  • Great community for new commenting around the app.


If you are a PC or Android user who is looking for a legitimate GarageBand alternative go on for the above options and rock the world of music. These alternatives have all the features, instruments, and preface which you will need for music-making.

Download the app and enjoy the aura of live performance at home and do let me know about your own creation in the comment section.

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