In a study conducted by Gallup titled ‘State of The Global Workplace’, they highlighted that only around 13% of employees are engaged in their work. There are many reasons for this, including aspects such as not enjoying the role, or not understanding what is expected of them. Many of the factors identified by the Gallup study are based on emotional and rational considerations. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle employee disengagement to promote a happy and motivated workplace.

Check out these handy tips and see how they could work in your company:

Get regular feedback

Employees work harder and smarter when they feel valued. A simple way to do this is to ask them to use their voice. When an individual can express their thoughts and feelings without judgment, they can be open and honest, which could benefit your organization ten-fold. As a company, you will gain constructive feedback on what could be improved and ways that everyone can pitch in to help improve the workplace. Using Employee Engagement software makes this data collection easy and creates a simple way to analyze the information.

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Create a pleasant working environment

A place that is pleasant to work in is a simple way to engage employees. No one wants to sit in a dreary room with no character or natural light, and how can you expect anyone to feel inspired in this setting. Bring some creativeness to space and revamp it with modern décor and enough lighting. Ask staff how they feel in the room and what could be improved to make it more productive. Working with everyone to make it a collaborative and engaging space ensures everyone feels comfortable and motivated every day.

Encourage a good work/life balance

An employer that shows people they appreciate a healthy work/life balance is more likely to see productive and motivated individuals within the workforce. Supporting staff and being flexible are other areas that can boost engagement. During the working day, it is also a great idea to encourage breaks and time away from tasks to reduce fatigue. Taking time away also helps to look at projects in a renewed light and promotes a refreshed perspective when returning to the task at hand.

Show authenticity

It is human nature to be skeptical about authenticity, especially when the primary purpose of work is reward-based. However, for many people, their career is something that means more than just turning up and doing the job, so returning this passion and authenticity as an employer will strengthen your standing. Your relationship with your employees should always be built on trust, and this is a two-way street. By creating an open and honest workforce, you will reap the rewards of constructive feedback and an improved attitude to productivity.

There are several aspects to consider improving engagement in the working environment, including:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Ensure a people-focused culture
  • Encourage collaboration and mentorship
  • Offer regular praise and feedback
  • Incorporate team-building in-house and externally
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