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Cricket is one of the most thrilling sports to play. For those in the sidelights who prefer to take in all the excitement through betting instead, it also offers a great arena.

There are several platforms where you can get started betting on cricket, such as the ComeOn betting website. In this article, we will take a look at the most helpful tricks when betting on cricket so you can win big. You will also get a glimpse of the downsides of each, to help you decide what strategy is best for you. Let’s get to it.

Top 7 Cricket Betting Tactics 

The strategies you will learn below can be implemented in the world’s top cricket tournaments. However, keep in mind that they depend on certain preconditions in order to be effective. Our team has omitted particular cricket betting strategies that we deem highly volatile and unscientific, as they could result in more losses than winnings. Are you ready to learn the betting tricks? Read on.

1. Dogon Strategy 

The Dogon tactic is considered purely mathematical and is more prevalent among the newbies.

This strategy is based on the principle of “playing catch-up,” wherein the bettor doubles the stakes at every step to offset all losses incurred in the previous rounds. You keep on with this until you have recovered what you had lost with the starting bet, plus earned planned profits.

Remember as well that Dogon is an elementary cricket betting strategy that can keep you winning in the short term, but if used recklessly, it may lead to significant losses. This is because the system is dependent on perfect conditions and on the assumption that a bettor’s bankroll is infinite, which is most likely untrue.

2. Flat Betting Strategy

Perhaps, you may ask yourself, when betting, “How can I increase my chances of winning my cricket bets as a novice?” The answer to this question may lie in flat betting. It is a cricket betting strategy that is also mathematical like the previous one, yet simple and geared to work for punters who are still testing the waters.

The principle behind these “flat” bets is that each stake is worth a similar amount, regardless of how many wagers you place.

If you are risk-averse, going with a small flat bet is recommended.

Flat betting is the perfect cricket betting strategy if you want to minimize risks and ensure you do not significantly erode your bankroll over time.

3. “Percentage Of Bank” Betting Strategy 

This is another bankroll-based cricket betting tactic mainly advantageous for bettors who are inexperienced and on their way to betting the advanced way. Similar to flat betting, the “percentage of bank” system seeks to cut losses and minimize risks.

However, take note that for this to work perfectly well, every bet you make must be equal to a fixed percentage of your bankroll.

The most common slabs are conservative (one to two percent of bankroll), moderate (three to five percent), aggressive (six to 10 percent), and chaotic (equal to or greater than 10 percent of bankroll).

The sweet spot here is the moderate slab, where you wager three percent of your bankroll on relatively volatile outcomes and five percent on the more apparent ones.

Ideally, to succeed, stay away from the “aggressive” and “chaotic” slabs, as you would be risking too much.

This trick is also referred to as the “Dynamic Bank” strategy since the absolute value of the stake depends on your bankroll.

4. Oscar’s Grind 

Meanwhile, the Oscar’s Grind cricket betting technique is touted as a tweak on the Dogon system. However, unlike the Dogon system, you do not increase your stake after every lost bet. Instead, you do that only when you win a bet while waiting out the losing ones or keeping your stake the same.

This technique classifies sports betting into “sittings” and “units.” Each sitting starts with a unit bet and ends when you have earned a unit profit.

If you are fortunate enough and win your very first unit bet, that would mean you will learn a profit, and a new sitting would begin.

However, if you lose your first bet, then based on the principles of Oscar’s Grind, you continue betting until your wager comes through eventually. When you win, your bet amount increases by the initial unit stake, and it stays until you win the next bet again, at which point it increases further.

This tactic is not recommended for beginners, though.

5. Ladder System

The Ladder System is another straightforward and mathematical cricket betting trick, wherein the whole amount you win on a bet is staked upon the next bet.

Compared with the other tactics on this list, it is ideal for both pros and beginners.

Ideally, always select outcomes with relatively lower odds or ones with a high possibility of panning out. For instance, let us say you are betting on Australia in a Test match against Bangladesh. The Aussies have all the chance in the world to beat Bangladesh, so they will have lower odds riding on them.

Furthermore, you specify the exact number of bets in a cycle with this strategy. Experts also suggest that you go for a three- or five-step ladder at the most, considering every new bet induces the one chance of losing it all.

This system is likewise ideal for checking losses, as you mainly bet on selections with low odds.

Yet, the major downside of this cricket betting strategy is that if you lose any bet, you lose everything.

6. Danish System

You do not have to be Danish to bet this way. The Danish system is a progressive and straightforward cricket betting strategy, where you increase the stake by one unit, or the stake you started with, as well as the odds by at least 0.5.

However, this strategy has a fair share of detractors because this can be risky. This is because if you get into a losing streak, your bet amount and odds tend to keep increasing, which may lead to you losing control over your losses. Also, each subsequent selection that you back, at odds 0.5 higher than the previous, theoretically has a lower chance of winning.

Yet, the major difference between this strategy and the Dogon system is that, in the latter, you only increase your bet value with every loss, but the odds remain the same. Your stake and odds go up every time you lose a bet with the Danish system.

Mathematically, therefore, the Danish cricket betting strategy has more potential to help you recover past losses and bag a more significant profit as you get progression advantage of bet value and odds increasing at the same time, generating a better chance to write off losses.

7. Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

The main goal of this cricket betting trick is to find that balance between risk and reward, helping the bettor maximize their returns and minimize the degree of volatility.

From the perspective of sports betting, this tactic seeks to help the bettor find the optimum amount they can stake on a particular bet without risking their bankroll.

But, for the Kelly Criterion to work, you have to factor in the possibility or the expected chance of a bet to come through. Only then can you stake more on a selection with a higher probability of winning, and likewise, gamble less on a wager that does not have as much of a chance to come through.

With this probability, you will be required to understand the game and the players involved thoroughly, and therefore, it is imperative that you are objective and realistic in your judgment.

Also, there is no definite answer to that “expected chance” of a wager winning, and this is where the Kelly Criterion cricket betting strategy becomes complicated. Unless you can remove personal bias and assign a bet its “actual” possibility with accuracy, the Kelly Criterion will not work the way it is intended to.

The Takeaway: Be Smart When Betting On Cricket

It is vital to start steady and slow when betting on cricket to maximize your winnings. Plus, when you are watching your favorite team on the ground, choose to rally behind them with your friends and family, let it all out, and wear your heart on your sleeve if you wish. Keep emotions in check as well. If you truly want to master any cricket betting trick and strategy, you are urged to be dispassionate and unbiased in your approach. Now, you are more than ready to win.

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