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You can speak to anyone you want or poll a number of people, and right around 90 percent of those individuals are going to tell you that they rely on technology. They might not realize it, but it has become a simple fact of living today. For instance, just look at your smartphone. Do you think that you could go an entire day without looking at your phone or using it? Well, your smartphone is technology. When you use that phone to get online and check your social media accounts or e-mail, you are using technology to do so. While this might seem trivial, it really was a technology that was a long time in the making. Despite all this, there is no denying that technology has the power to change the world. Heck, it has already done that, and there is no denying that the sky could be the limit when it comes to technology. Just look at the way that technology could potentially change the world in the next 5 years or more.

Dementia Might Be A Thing Of The Past

Dementia is a major disease that millions of families are dealing with every day. This is a horrible disease because it pretty much eats away the mind and makes those forget who they are as well as those around them. Well, no one can dispute the fact that medical technology has come a long way, but it looks like it might be coming even further now. With be understandings of the human genome and genetic mutations, doctors and scientists should be able to better detect and prevent diseases like dementia. If doctors are able to get a grasp on diseases like dementia, then it might be entirely possible for them to battle other diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Heck, with the ability to identify and correct problematic strains of DNA, it is entirely possible that future doctors and scientists could change the face of modern medicine.

Solar Energy Will Be The Biggest Provider

Solar energy is already well on its way. Just look at the number of homes and business that are now taking advantage of this type of power. It has even gotten to the point where power companies are giving discounts and refunds to customers that use this type of power. Not only is it more efficient, but it is just better for the environment. This is why the growth and popularity of this alternative energy will only continue to grow. By 2025, it is entirely possible that the methods for harvesting, storing, and converting solar energy will be more advanced than they already are, allowing homeowners as well as business to collect even bigger saving from the power companies.

Everything Might Be Digitally Connected

No one can deny that wireless communications are already huge. Just look at sites like online pokies real money. They not only offer gambling, betting, and gaming services via desktop and laptop, but they offer these services via mobile devices. In fact, it seems like the preferred method of connection and communicating these days are mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Well, you might as well expect this type of wireless communication to make it to other aspects of your life as well.

It is entirely possible that by 2025, cars, homes, and appliances will all be connected to wireless communication devices. Not only this, but this could potentially be the case for every home or business around the world. There are always plans in order to develop new electrodes that can store energy and deliver hyper-connectivity, unlike anything available today.

Diabetes Might Be Preventable

Diabetes is another disease that is right up there with dementia. The only problem with diabetes is that it usually doesn’t discriminate. It will attack the young, the weak, the healthy, and the fit. This is why it is pertinent for doctors and scientists to uncover everything that they possibly can about such diseases and how to prevent them. And, it looks like that is exactly what they are doing. Anyone suffering for this condition already knows that modern medicine has done great things in terms of diabetes, but with the technology available today, researchers might be able to modify RNA and DNA sequences that pass on the disease.

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