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Asides from scratching and sniffing, these cute creatures enjoy good company. Some people find cats weird. However, for cat lovers, cats are the most loving creature.

Cats, like every other pet, possess several traits. These traits define their temperament, health condition, and others. However, it is dependent on their breed.

Choosing a cat for your home is one thing you should do carefully. Like other pets, not all cat breeds will suit everyone as each will have features unique to it. Finding the ‘purr-fect’ match for your home requires taking some steps. In this article, we will outline seven tips on – finding a cat breed for your home.

Seven Tips for Finding a Cat Breed For Your Home

Make a List of Qualities You Desire In Your Kitten

It is necessary to write out the qualities of the breed you need. It will help you narrow your search to a few breeds. You can start by considering the following:

  • Where do you get a kitten?
  • What kind of breed do you desire?
  • Do you need child-friendly species?
  • Adult cat or kitten, what is your choice?

However, if you already have some specifications in mind, you can skip this step. You can run a search on a pet store online for available cats or check your local pet store.

Check the Health Status of the Kitten

The last thing you want is paying for regular treatments for your pet over an issue you never knew. Choosing a fit cat will save you from stress, wasting time and money. Ensure you ask the breeder about the cat’s health before adoption. Generally, you can tell if it is fit from its appearance.

However, appearance can be tricky. Some kittens may look healthy but have some hidden health defects. Request to see the medical history and treatments given to it. Find out when it is due for the next vaccination. You can click here to read more about cat vaccination.

It will pay to know if the pet has a peculiar need. Some cats have medical conditions that may need special care or medication. These conditions do not make them less adoptable. However, be willing to provide extra care before adopting them.

Some persons might prefer to adopt from rescue groups. If this is your case, you should ensure you get a guarantee that will cover the cat’s health. It should be on paper, together with the terms of the arrangement.

Check the Kitten’s Background

Some cats are specific to an area and lifestyle. Some cats that are up for sale or adoption were strays or have no recorded history. Knowing the background of the kitten will help your decision process.

You can start by asking about the history of the cat. Find out if it relates to other pets. Enquire if it is friendly around children. Knowing if it is afraid of dogs will also help.

The cats can fit into your environment faster if there are suitable conditions. For instance, if it has been close to dogs before, adjusting to an environment with dogs will not be hard. Also, if it is friendly around children, it might fit perfectly into your home.

Check the Cat’s Temperament

We cannot overemphasize the importance of this point. Cats, like humans, have several personality traits.

These traits might be from their breed. When breeders cross different breeds to produce unique species, it carries the character of both parents.

Ensure that you are ok with their personality before adopting one. You can find out by interacting with it. It can either be shy, welcoming, playful, energetic, or bold. You can make your choice of what appeals best to you.

However, we can classify the personalities you might notice into two – the greeters and the slow lovers. The greeters are confident and easy-loving. They love to relate with humans and will not find it hard settling in your house.

On the other end are the slow lovers. These types are shy and conservative in a new environment. They typically will not relate freely with a new face but are free with familiar faces. The slow lovers might not settle in fast in your home but might be your favorite companions at the end of the day.

Understanding the personality of your ideal kitten is necessary. Whether you desire a calm or energetic cat, you are sure to find a match. You can click on to read more about cat personality.

Get Acquainted With the Cat

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Are you kitten me? Get acquainted with a cat? Yes, getting to know the pet is the next move. If you have permission, you can take the cat out of its cage to see how it responds to you.

You should note that it might not respond well at first. However, you should note that adoption is not an easy process. It might take some time before it comes around, so exercise patience.

Ensure that you feel a connection with the pet. Try to picture it within your family and life. But if you do not feel any, you can continue your search.

If You Are Sure, Go With Your Guts

Sometimes our instincts give us strong hints and indications. You might love a cat merely seeing it for the first time. It might just be a natural connection between you and the pet. If you have such strong feelings, you can go on with the adoption.

Do Not Force It, Let the Love Come Naturally

As much as the decision is solely yours, you should allow the pet to choose you. If the love is mutual, it will be easy to make decisions. Ensure that you do not force the cat. If it does not want you, try finding another one.


Keeping a house pet is a personal decision. However, it comes with its ups and downs. For some persons, cats make the best companion.

Choosing a kitten to adopt is a step that requires being careful. It might not be easy, but it is sure fun. You can take some steps to reduce the stress. However, ensure that the one you choose fits your personality and home.

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