Earphones are one of the most important extensions of any device. It is very irritating if earphones don’t work properly. Apple users face the same when there is any problem with their AirPods. One of the common problems which apple users face is the problem of AirPods case not charging. When the AirPods are not charged then you can’t use the earphones at all. You cannot listen to your favorite music, movie or hear a podcast that you daily listen to. This is a very unpleasant experience.

If you are also experiencing the same thing then this article has all the solutions you need. In this article, we shall be looking at the cause of “AirPods case not charging” and look at the possible solutions. In this article, I have explained in very simple terms. Mostly there are hardware problems. So without any further ado let me start the article and I also request you to go through the whole article.

Where is the Problem with your AirPods?

The AirPods case not charging might be occurring because of various reasons. In this section, we shall be talking about the possible problems that might occur in your AirPods. There are possibilities where the case charging is all right but due to some hardware issues, it is unable to transfer any electricity to the AirPods. A situation like this is a bit grave and you might need to replace the case altogether.

Sometimes a different problem happens. In this, the case charges as long it is connected to the charger. You can put the AirPods in the case and it will also charge the earphones. But as soon as the cord is opened, it stops charging and the AirPods also stop charging. So this is a problem of the Airpod case. Now, this is a software issue. This is why you need not worry.

There are cases when the USB cable itself is damaged and so you should get it replaced. If you have a damaged USB that is charging, you should get it replaced as it might cause some problems with the electronics in the case.

6 Ways to Fix Airpods Case Not Charging Issues

Now we shall be talking about the various ways by which you can solve the problem of the AirPod case. Most of these methods include normal hardware tweaks. There are also software solutions. You can try all of these methods one by one until your AirPods work again. So let us see the methods below.

1. Clean the AirPod Case charging

The first thing you should do if you are facing any problem is that you need to clean your AirPods case. You usually carry the case in your jeans and in places where there is a huge chance of it collecting dust. Generally, as the charging port is very small, so a small amount of dust can cause problems to the charging process.

It is recommended that you do not use any liquid to clean it as it can damage the charger. This is why try cleaning it using a brush or an earbud. Also, try removing the dust by blowing the dust away, this is best as the brush might also damage the metal.

2. Check Your Charger

There might also be a problem with the charger of the Airpod case. Try checking the USB cable with which you are charging the AirPods. Plug and see the USB charger to your laptop or another device to check if the USB is working properly. Most of the time, the charger is not faulty. If the charger is ok, then it is the problem with the earphone case.

3. Change the USB Cable

A lot of time, the USB cable is damaged from the inside. With continuous use, there is wear and tear in the USB cable sometimes. If the damage has happened externally, then you should not be using the USB cable anymore. This might also damage the electronics.

Sometimes the metal connector part of the USB gets damaged. This can lead to damage to the AirPod case also in the future.  o you should clean the metal part of the USB. If you see that the wire is damaged or the metal part has rusted to a great extent and is beyond repair, get a new one. Invest some more money and get a new one as it is a much better option.

4. Use a Direct Plug

Never use an extension to charge your AirPods. Using an extension can cause some power deficit. This will not let your case charge properly. Instead, you should use a direct plug. Using a direct plug will let the case charge properly. There will be no deficit of current while charging. This will not damage the case in any way.

5. Reset the AirPods Case

If the Airpods case does not work even after trying the hardware solutions mentioned above, then there is a software problem. To solve the problem you need to reset the button. This will restore the default status of the software. Restoring it to the default state will eliminate all the discrepancies which had accumulated in the software with time.

To reset the AirPod, you need to press and hold the set-up button at the back of the case. You need to press and keep it for 15 minutes. You will find the light flash with Amber and white light. Now the case has been restored to default state. Again put it to charge, this time, it should charge properly.

6. Go to the Apple Service

If you have tried everything and nothing is working, the last option is to take it to its service center. These problems do occur and the service center people will mend the case.

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Hope you got several ideas to repair your AirPods case. You must try them one by one. In most cases, the thing should start working. But if nothing seems to work you have to take it to the service center. The AirPods case not charging is more common and the service center knows very well how to solve it. I hope you liked this article. With this, I end my article here.

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