The U.S. universities are rich enough, they have special funds for donations. The purpose of these institutions is to raise their ranking, so they are interested in attracting talented students from different countries.

Criteria on which the university provides grants:

  • high-grade point average (GPA)
  • successes and awards
  • A high score on the entrance exam (SAT/GMAT/GRE)
  • overcoming the minimum university TOEFL requirement
  • well-written and interestingly written motivational letters

Grant-Award Stages to University in the USA

  • to find a university with the necessary funding. I usually recommend finding 40-60 suitable programs, most likely 5-6 of them provide grants and funding to international students.
  • take a grade point average
  • to apply for the program, remembering to mention all your achievements
  • go through an interview with the admissions committee
  • By the way, when you apply to the university you have to pay the registration fee ($40-250), but you can write a letter to your university and ask for the opportunity to apply for free. How to write such a letter, I tell you at the marathon “Let’s go to the USA”.

Who is easier to get a grant?

90% of students enrolled in PhD programs receive funding from the university. The chance of a master’s degree is much lower – 40%, bachelor’s degree – 11%.

American universities are interested in having students from different countries. If you are a citizen of a small country, then your chances are slightly higher than those of other applicants.

If you are the lucky one out of 5% to have entered a top university (like Harvard), you are likely to get full funding. You must show a document that proves that your family receives less than $65,000 per year in order for the university to cover the cost of your studies. Or you can take out a loan, because top universities do not need a guarantor, because the money is provided directly from the university.

Those who apply on the first wave (usually from September to November) have a better chance of getting a grant.

As you see, that is not an easy task, so why not think about the cheapest degrees.

Adelphi’s University Scholarships

Adelphi University, where there are quite a few creative educational programs, automatically considers all applicants for a scholarship. There are three reasons for receiving a scholarship: talent, sporting achievement, or high performance (excellent grades and at least 100 TOEFL scores). The amount of the scholarship is from $6,000 to the full cost of tuition. The student will know if he or she has received a scholarship three weeks after admission.

Golden Foundation Artist Residence

The Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts annually recruits young artists to introduce them to innovative materials and technology. The training takes the form of sessions held throughout the year (March to October).

Each session has a duration of 4 weeks. The Golden Foundation also provides financial assistance to those residents who do not have enough money for travel, accommodation, materials and so on.

The amount of material assistance is determined individually. All residents must work with paint, be over 25 years old, and be non-profit artists. You should upload examples of works, motivational letter, curriculum vitae, CV and references through the online application form and pay a registration fee of $30. The deadline is September of each year.

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