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Double taps, faves, hearts, or whatever you might call it –likes are the major form of currency on Instagram. These have been the so-called driving force for the users to put out great post or content for a long period. Unluckily, it is not already a simple case to put out great content and get the engagement that you deserve. With the change to a certain algorithm led-feed, the way in getting Instagram likes changed.

This guide will talk about several ways of getting likes on Instagram and shoot up your profile engagement. Let’s get into it!

A Guide to Getting Instagram Likes

You can follow the following steps to get more Instagram likes and engagements:

Content Rules Is The King

It might sound so obvious, yet high-quality content is the most significant foundation for getting likes on Instagram. You can tell when a certain influencer or a brand have put their resources and time in producing impressive content, and they get more likes as a result. There is no easy way in making good content, but we have some guidelines that you can follow, including a high-quality camera, memorable style, as well as a consistent theme.

Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags will help you in reaching more users in your target audience and in the long run, get more likes on IG. When you are creating your own Instagram marketing strategy, you must invest some time in hashtag research, so you are using the best hashtag to get more Instagram likes.

Use Photo Tags

Despite the fact that tags do not function the similar way that hashtags do, they actually do serve the same purpose –increasing the reach. One great tip is to tag your post or content with appropriate accounts, like brands or products, which are featured in the post, people you think would have an interest in the post, and relevant influencers.

Use Location Tags

Did you know that contents with locations get 79% more engagement, rather than those without, so it is a great way of getting Instagram likes? Make sure that you include location tags on the posts where it’s relevant so that more people in the target audience might discover you and will engage in your contents.

Post On Most Active Hours

The best time to post on IG is often debated, with so many influencers and businesses declaring a set time and date, in order to deliver the optimum engagement. The best time to post on Instagram may entirely vary on the user and the target audience.

Post Consistently

For you to get many likes on Instagram is being consistent with your posting activities. Through this, your audience may get accustomed to the content’s regularity, and will, in turn, you’ll be supposed as an attractive, authoritative, and reliable brand.

Final Say

If you are not fond of doing the steps above to gaining Instagram likes, you can also try another interesting option, which others are not aware of –buying likes. This isn’t even a hoax –buying Instagram likes is a real thing. Don’t worry about the price of it for there are cheap Instagram likes that you can avail as well. You can opt to this or the steps above if you want to get likes on IG and watch your profile shoot up. Happy posting!

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