Every content creator, online seller, or blogger desires to get feedback from their readers, viewers, and clients in order to improve their sites and cater for their clients’ needs. Site reviews play a very important role in marketing your website or shop.

The more 5 star online reviews your site receives, the higher the chances of being trusted and gaining more buyers and clients. While you may not have much control over what every specific visitor feels about your site or products, there are a few tips and tricks that you can implement to boost your review generation and get more positive reviews. In this article, we share some tips on how you can get more online reviews.

Offer Great Services and Products

Doing a good job in service delivery and product design and packaging will generate more reviews without a doubt. Give the clients a reason to smile and more so a reason to want to review your product. You can do this by packaging your product attractively. You can also ensure the product lives up to the expectations of the clients and even beyond.

Great service delivery will also attract more reviews and five-star ratings. Improve your products based on previous reviews and requests so as to show your customers that you listen to them. If a customer is happy, they are more likely to respond to your review prompts after service delivery.

Offer incentives whenever possible

This is one way of generating more online reviews if the industry you are operating in allows it. Approach this method cautiously as you do not want to come across as though you are paying people to give reviews. Make it more of a fun activity. You can, for instance, offer a gift card as the prize to anyone who gives detailed reviews in a certain period e.g., a month. It is however important to make it clear that the prize is a gift and not a payment for the reviews. You can use a third party such as an influencer to put this out. You can then link it on your page or website.

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Thank Your Clients

It is quite unfair to leave the client’s reviews with no responses whatsoever. Take some time to respond and thank clients for their reviews. If there are any questions, respond, and engage with them to their satisfaction. This will encourage them to leave a message the next time they purchase a product.

If you leave messages responded, clients will feel unappreciated and will most likely conclude no one reads their comments. Say Thank You for every positive message and give attainable promises on what you will do to improve the product or service if there are complaints.

Ask them directly via mail or text

If you are offering services or selling products online then you most likely have a client account registered by email or phone number. You can set up a prompt message service that prompts the clients to leave a review every time they purchase a product or receive a service.

You however need to be careful so as not to spam your clients with too many messages or emails. Review generation through this method will get you more honest responses which will be helpful in the improvement of your service or products as the clients get first impressions.

Take advantage of instances of customer happiness

There are many instances when customers are most likely to be happy and willing to respond to reviews. This includes moments when you are running promotions or giving discounts. If they respond happily via any of your channels, leverage these moments, and ask them to leave a review of the products or services.

Not only are they likely to give a good review, but they will also be more willing to share the news hence earning your business more referrals.

Review generation can be achieved naturally if you pay attention to your clients’ needs at all times. We hope these tips will be helpful as you build a relationship with your online clients.

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