An efficient last-mile delivery means ensuring the quickest delivery turnaround from the warehouse to a customer’s place. Small businesses find it difficult to compete with eCommerce giants like Amazon that guarantees the delivery within 24 hours by shortening the product’s journey.

What small businesses can equip themselves with is the last mile delivery system to grow fast by avoiding possible logistic roadblocks in delivering the product. This holds legit for small pharmacy businesses and medicines delivery where the faster turnaround is a usual ask. You may invest plenty of resources in crafting a perfect product, but not able to deliver it fast will leave your customers dissatisfied.

Getting the last mile delivery solution can help you give delivery assurance to the customers with confidence.

This is how you can maximize profitability and grow your customer base.

Enable Customers to Schedule the Delivery Timings

Remember, delivery is a valuable addition to the product you are providing, so make sure you do so to the full extent. Avoid choosing a single delivery window for every customer and instead, make them participate in the process. Allow them to choose their convenient delivery window and charge them to leverage cost-effective delivery at their doorstep.

Most customers ordering shoes and clothes would expect to open the packages immediately to verify purchases. Providing a convenient and faster retail commerce delivery puts the customer in control that enhances their buying experience and keeps them coming for more.

Offer Package Tracking Options

Customers are busy with their lives, and they do not have time to call and get the follow-up of delivery. Offer them the power to track their packages in real-time as a part of on-demand courier and parcel deliveries to inform when to expect it.

Enabling them with crucial tracking information will drive a higher level of satisfaction. Real-time delivery tracking software can come to play here and help to solve plenty of last-mile delivery problems like unavailability of the customer, change in delivery route, etc.

Providing Same-Day Delivery

A last-mile delivery application blends uber for trucking to make way for the faster order fulfillment, especially for businesses looking to optimize food and beverage delivery. It provides a perfect harmony where even the shippers move fast just as soon as the order is placed to match the customer’s delivery expectation.

Previously, the shipments used to take anything from an hour to two, and now it hardly takes more than a couple of minutes. It is the last mile route optimization software that drives logistics through smart solutions, and things start to move faster thanks to automated processes. 41% of customers are ready to pay more for same-day delivery, which is a testament to how they are prioritizing this.

Deploying your core strategy around the last-mile delivery solutions will also open a new revenue stream for your business as McKinsey report values the same-day-delivery market to shoot up to 25% from $1.35 billion in next 5 years.

Constant Communication

Nothing annoys the customers than the silence followed by order placement. Reach out to them via emails or text messages as it is the simplest yet highly cost-efficient practice for improved customer satisfaction. Also, open more options for customers to reach out to your post order placement to ensure that you listen to them.

Assigning a dedicated assistant and way to communicate with the one is a great practice to elate their experience especially for field operations and workforce hiring. All these are possible to integrate into a last-mile delivery solution.

Keeping the customers informed about their package with the constant update will also boost your confidence in providing a top-notch last-mile route optimization system that will also reduce the customer queries and the anxiety regarding the placed order.

Drive speed blended with Surge in Turnover Rate

Delivering the ordered product is only half the job done. The major part of delivery also includes timeliness and customer convenience. Understand that your customers not only want the product but also the instant gratification. Therefore, the faster you can provide the package, the happier they will be.

Using the last mile delivery solution for your FMCG product delivery operations, for instance, will have goods in bulk requiring quick movements. In such a case, last-mile delivery software goes beyond simply taking the parcel from one point to the other.

It moves quickly, enabling a speedier process, which in turn boosts your holistic inventory turnover. Not to mention, the business operations also get efficient in the process to an extent that the rise in profit is only the inevitable by-product.

Efficient Resource Management and Manpower Headcount

The entire supply chain depends on the product delivery that requires a plethora of resources like delivery headcounts, vehicles, dedicated route management system, etc. Toss in the last mile delivery solutions for your business, and you can do away with manual workers required to run mundane tasks.

You will not need to hire a team of personnel for the delivery management and instead automate the delivery milestones. Implementing the last mile route optimization application will make plenty of tools accessible that customers can leverage to drive profits.

Providing Best Customer Experience

Business growth is not possible without the customers backing your work, and it works both ways. The more value you offer to customers, the more customers will come looking for you. While it is easier said than done, customer experience should take the front seat and rest everything will wall into its place.

And one of the best ways to do so in the delivery business is to ensure that their packages are safe with and traveling fast as you equip last-mile delivery solutions for the same.

When customers start associating a certain delivery standard with your brand, you are offering them the reliability in delivering. Building a loyal set of customers for small business goes a long way as you will reap the benefits as your business grow by leveraging their loyalty that drives profit.


With the last mile being one most crucial aspects of the supply chain system, small businesses should be focusing on it to compete harder. Many small businesses may not drive repeat sales because of the poorly-managed last-mile system and ultimately pay a heavy price.

Business expansion needs consistency in all aspects especially in ones that deal directly with the customers. Last-mile delivery solutions can significantly transform the way how you deliver products and achieve business growth.

Author – Bio

Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing a top-notch last-mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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