A friendship necklace is a fun and easy-to-make thing. You can’t only give these necklaces to your best friends but also add spice to your own jewelry collection. Most amazingly, making a friendship necklace can also refine your jewelry-making skills.

How to make a friendship necklace?

When making a friendship necklace, it’s better to start by learning simple necklace-making techniques. Later you can add more style to your necklaces by using simple beads, charms, and braids.

So, here is a process to make a friendship necklace you must learn:

Materials you need

Here are the materials that you should collect to make a friendship necklace:

  • Get a bunch of lovely rainbow yarn
  • Sculpey Clay
  • Masking tape
  • Different beads (letter beads or any other that you want)
  • Aluminum foil

Essential tools for making a friendship necklace

These are some of the important tools you should get to make a friendship necklace:

  • A cookie-cutter
  • Knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Scissors
  • Baking pan
  • Skewer

Once you have collected all tools and materials, it’s time to start making a friendship necklace.

Steps to follow

Friendship necklaces are always fun and memorable. Follow the instructions below to create a beautiful friendship necklace to surprise your best friend.

So, here we go:

Take Sculpey clay and color it

Take a section of your Sculpey Clay, and make it supple with your fingers.

Do you want to create a multiple-colored or a specific-colored friendship necklace? Add your preferred colors to the clay and get your favorite colors.

Roll the clay to get a perfect size

Place the soft clay onto a dry, clean and stable surface. Now start rolling the clay using your wooden pin. Keep rolling the pin until you get your required size of clay circle. It’s always best to make your clay large enough to accommodate your cookie-cutter perfectly.

It’s always important to avoid making your clay thinner. This will make it impossible to make your eye hook stay in.

Cut the clay to get your shape.

Use your cookie cutter (or clay cutter, if you have one) to cut the clay into your preferred shape. Place the cutter on the clay and press it firmly to avoid mess. Now remove the additional clay carefully.

Take your scissors or acto knife (whichever is available) and cur your shape into a zig-zag manner. Once you have separated it into two pieces, smooth the edges for a neat look. This is important to clean any hanging clay bits or knife marks.

Bake the clay

Firstly, add eye hooks to your shapes. Now place an aluminum foil over any baking dish. Read the baking instructions onto your clay packaging and complete the clay baking process accordingly.

Once these are cool down, now add these to a colorful yarn’s pieces. Roll masking tape onto your yarn’s end to help string on your colorful beads. Once you have added all your beads to the string, tie it and enjoy wearing a colorful friendship necklace.

Find inspiring ideas on what a friendship necklace should look like here: https://www.nomination.com/uk_en/gifts/best-friends-jewellery

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