If you have to manage, organize, and use parking facilities, you’ll need to know that such tasks can be overwhelming. While employers are not obligated to offer parking areas for their employees, designated parking zones can be of great importance to the employee, making their provision essential. On the other hand, mismanagement of parking facilities can create major issues for both the business and the employees. Other factors, including the location of the parking lot and the capacity of each parking area, can exacerbate the problem further. As the manager or owner of a business, it is important to organize a car park to ensure efficiency as well as the best practices for the smooth operation of the business. To organise the parking zones, here is what you need to consider:

Highlight the Restricted Sections

If you hope to block and demarcate certain places in the parking area, you may want to use bollards and parking posts. The good thing about parking posts is that they offer the necessary barrier to block vehicles from getting by without the key to unlock them. Parking restriction by use of these posts also makes it easier to fill up spaces in a phased manner.


Car parking lots can be optimized for both efficiency and safety. In any case, parking bays for cars should be separate from cargo vehicle traffic, truck parking, and dispatch bays. In areas with high vehicle traffic, ensure pedestrian access is limited to prevent accidents from occurring. This safety aspect can be achieved by installing barriers and bollards which direct cars and pedestrians where they need to be.

Apart from that, ensure there are clear speed limit signposts and where possible, install chicanes and speed bumps to curb careless driving habits. Depending on what you find suitable, you may decide to use a contracted park manager or an in-house staff to supervise the activities of your car park. Additionally to safe parking, you can advise your employees to use a bumper-to-bumper warranty for their cars.

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Highlight Access Sections

Since employees need access to reach where their cars are parked, it is prudent to use bright markings for defining pedestrian and vehicle access. When pedestrians and drivers know where they are not required to be, it becomes easier to maintain order in the parking lot. To highlight access sections, use tools for marking pavements such as reflective markers and custom stencils to indicate safety line which direct people where they need to be.

Install CCTV

To ensure safety, you need to install security cameras in strategic sections of your parking lot. While some doubt the efficacy of security cameras, these devices go a long way in helping to minimize crime, especially in dangerous areas. In addition to preventing theft and other violent crimes, security cameras will also help in catching parking violators since these cameras will capture the license plates of vehicles that are in violation. For employees’ protection, CCTV installation around the parking lot is required because it acts as a powerful deterrent.


Organizing your park can be an involving process, but with the above pointers, this process should not be a problem. If you are finding it difficult doing it on your own, you can always consider hiring experts with experience in organizing and managing car parks.

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