Congratulations! Your boss is going to let you work from home. No longer will you have to commute every day or make small talk with Debbie in accounting. Yes, working from home definitely has its many benefits but have you set up a dedicated workspace yet?

If you haven’t figured out where you’re actually going to do your work then it’s time to get started hammering out some details. Sure kicking back on the couch is comfortable but is that really how you want to go to work every day? Won’t that take some of the fun out of relaxing every evening if it’s the same place you’ve been for 8 hours?

You need a home office, my friend. It doesn’t have to be its own room of your house if you don’t have space already but you should definitely come up with a single location where you can get your work done and not disrupt the rest of your life in the meantime. Do you need some ideas on how to set up the perfect office? Then read on for some of the best ways to plan.


You could spend hours searching used office furniture in Houston for the perfect desk if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s important before desk shopping to have some idea of what you’d like from a desk. So take a look at your space, the first thing you need to see if the dimensions you have to work with.

If you are putting your workspace in a small alcove or within an already decorated room, it is especially important to know what kind of desk you will be looking for since you will want it to coordinate and fit in accordingly.

Consider what your needs are from your desk. Would you like to be able to stand up at your desk? Standing desks are wonderful and many people find them engaging and that they actually aid them with being better focused while they are working. If you aren’t sure whether standing all day will be your thing there are also adjustable desks so you can sit or stand as you’d like.

Another thing to take into account when choosing a desk is how much space you’ll need. Sure, you’ll need your computer, but if your job is one that benefits from having multiple monitors or room to spread out documents you will want a larger workspace than if you just use a laptop and nothing more.


Even if you opt for a standing desk, you will need some seating in your office space sometimes. Perhaps you will want to sit during a phone call, or you have a visitor for a meeting, either way, it just wouldn’t do to underestimate the importance of seating.

Pro tip: If you’re having a client meeting, consider renting a meeting room. This makes you come out as more professional.

Look for an ergonomic chair that suits your needs. Chairs are designed with the ability to work for a wide range of individuals with adjustable features that make them both supportive and comfortable. When a chair gives the proper support for your posture, weight, and lumbar, you won’t be faced with aches and pains so regularly.

An ergonomic chair is a must-have piece of furniture as it’s purchase will help you sit comfortably for an entire workday several times a week. Pick a chair with armrests at a height that will, in fact, allow your arms to rest.

You may also want to have seating for guests, while you don’t have to focus as much energy on their chairs as you do your own if you anticipate clients coming in to visit frequently you should take care to pick something slightly more substantial than a stool of cast-off dining room chair.


No matter how much you try to not print out documents and files, they really are just a fact of life for many of us, and in a home office, you are definitely going to want to find some storage solutions that work for you so you don’t end up completely cluttered and overwhelmed.

Clutter can make you more stressed out so some good ways to minimize the clutter are by using shelves and drawers. You definitely aren’t going to want to move stuff out of the way to get to work so create a mail station for the papers that need to be sent out and then have a color-coded system fo the rest of your materials to help you get a jump on where to put them.

It may be a good idea to keep a recycling bin and wastebasket near your desk space, sure you could just bring them to the kitchen or where ever your home’s recyclables end up but when you’re in the heat of the moment will you want to stop what you’re doing to walk downstairs or would it be handy to just have the proper receptacles nearby?

It can be a lot of fun shopping for office supplies, but unless you actually use binder clips frequently pass on by the cute colored ones since they’ll just make a mess of your drawers anyway. But be sure to get extra pens and try and keep them in the same place since everyone knows pens tend to walk off.

Let There Be Light

In a perfect world, your office space will have gorgeous windows that let tons of natural light but causes absolutely no glare on your computer screen. (Isn’t that the worst when that happens?) However, we don’t all have picture-perfect offices, nor is that completely necessary anyway. But you don’t want to work in the dark so you’ll have to put some effort into the lighting.

Working in harsh fluorescent lighting can cause migraines and stress out your precious eyes, but if your space isn’t lit well, you can actually suffer from similar issues, plus a dark office certainly isn’t motivating or inviting. (Plus, what if you need to video chat with someone?) The first step is to use what natural light you can. Then you can add lamps.

Overhead lights aren’t the greatest source for lighting in an office so consider using a desk lamp. If you opt for one with a flexible arm you can adjust the light to where you need it most. Add some ambient light and corrective color lights to offset eye strain from looking at the computer screen for hours on end. (Or be sure to get a pair of blue light blocking glasses if you’d like.)


One of the best benefits of working from home is the chance to make your office uniquely yours so don’t miss out on the opportunity to do so! If you have always wanted to have a purple office then call the painters. Whatever will energize you and inspire you to work shouldn’t be ignored. However, if you often have video calls you may want a neutral colored wall as a background.

Making sure you have everything you need within close proximity can be important, why spend time wandering your home when you can make coffee in your office? Or feel free to add a minifridge if you prefer cold beverages to be hot. If you love plants or flowers, keep them in your office, you want your office to be a place for you to be productive.

If you are going to need your cell phone close, a charging station may be a great choice for your desktop as well. Most charging stations will allow devices to be plugged in and propped up in a way that makes them able to stand upright to be used at the same time. They also keep your desktop more organized, which we’ve already established to be important in your office.


As you set up your new office space to best suit your needs and taste, don’t be afraid to branch out from what you think people would expect from a typical office. When you get the chance to work from home, don’t miss out on the opportunity to let fun into your office. You don’t need to follow anyone’s rules but your own, so have fun with it!

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