Ever wondered how great would it be if you could play your favorite Xbox games anywhere? On a trip? in college? At family gatherings? Just take out the device and start playing? Well, you can play the games with high-end graphics, and amazing storylines on just your phone! Yes, there is a method known as https://aka.ms/xboxsetup, that avails you to play Xbox games on your phone with the same Xbox ID and friends! So what are you waiting for? Enjoy amazing games like Fallout 4, Minecraft, Fortnite, Outriders, and many more just on your phone.

Before starting with how to get those games on your phone, it is important to know what is aka.ms/xboxsetup about, how it works, and what role does it it plays in you playing the Xbox games on your phone. Read further into the article to know more about it.

What Is https://aka.ms/xboxsetup?

Ever wondered how awesome would it be to play your favorite Xbox games on your phone? Playing your most amazing games on the go anytime on your phone. How cool is that? Well, that is now possible with https://aka.ms/xboxsetup.

It will help you set up your Xbox app on your phone. Well, now we won’t keep you waiting anymore regarding what’s more in store with having the Xbox app on your phone.

Enjoy the proper Xbox-like experience on your phone. Interact with your friends just like a regular Xbox on your phone. Well, did you know you can join some social groups with the Xbox app and meet new people? Meet new people and interact with them.

Forget your Xbox console, directly use and buy items from your phone on the Xbox App without any hassle. Well, now you know why you should get the Xbox app using https://aka.ms/xboxsetup. Now we will know how you can get it. Go on with the article, to know how to retrieve code and set up the Xbox One app using aka.ms/xboxsetup.

How To Retrieve Code Using https://aka.ms/xboxsetup?

Okay, so there are two possible ways you can retrieve the code to set up your Xbox One. The most basic way to get a code to set up for your Xbox is to simply reinstall it. Once it’s reinstalled you will automatically see a code when you open it up again.

But there could also be chances you will not be able to see the code again and in that case, it is recommended to contact Xbox Customer Care and explain to them what you are trying to do. They will give you a new code for you to set up your Xbox again. You can find their contact details on the Xbox Support page.

How To Set-Up Xbox One App Using https://aka.ms/xboxsetup?

Now when you have got all the knowhows of what it is about and how you can retrieve code for it, it’s time to move on to how to actually set up the Xbox One App using aka.ms/xboxsetup. This method is quite easy and fast if executed correctly. So get ready for a no-hassle setup of your Xbox One App. Follow the instructions below to set up the app

  • First, open any web browser on your Android device.
  • Next, enter https://aka.ms/xboxsetup in the URL section of your web browser.
  • Once the page opens up, you will instantly see a code on your screen.
  • Either note down or memorize the code.
  • Now, visit Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Install the Xbox App and launch it.
  • Login from your Xbox ID and then enter the code.
  • Set up preferences as per your choice.
  • Apply all the Settings to the app and you’re done!


And with this, it’s time to wrap up with this article. Do let us know which games did you enjoy after following the method mentioned in this article. You may face some version issue coordinating with the console and the app, but it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

We wish you a really happy gaming and enjoy playing your favorite Xbox games with your favorite pals anywhere, anytime, just at your fingertips. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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