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iGaming in the U.S. has risen to become one of the most prominent online industries in the last few years. In a short amount of time, online casinos and sports betting have produced considerable growth in the first few years of legalization.

This trend is long from over. Whether looking to play their favorite game slot online or bet on their favorite sport, the number of players online is growing and is fueling the evolution of gaming and technology.

Online Gaming Less Risky Than in the Past

The competition among the number of online casinos and sportsbooks has helped make iGaming easier than ever. Players now only need a stable Internet to be connected to hundreds of online providers waiting for them to log in and play. Many casinos also offer free play casinos in which players can participate in games with no risk.

Sites in the U.S. are closely regulated by the gaming commissions of each state they operate. This dramatically reduces the chance of fraud and ensures providers follow the rules set up by each state when passing legislation to legalize the activity. 

Growth Follows Technology

The recent advances in iGaming technology are what has driven the growth of the industry. Improvements in technology make the player experience better, making them spend more time online and deposit more money into their accounts. By having more playing options and features, iGaming has made vast improvements since online betting began back in the mid-1990s

Mobile technology has helped more than anything else in providing more opportunities for players to enter the market. As a result, mobile services now account for more than 45% of all iGaming worldwide and have increased by 20% in the last few years. 

Another critical factor is the increased number of women that now like to participate in iGaming activities due to the convenience of mobile technology. As a result, more women than ever are currently participating in online gaming.  

Live Casinos and VR Technology

One facet where iGaming has been evolving the fastest is in the area of live casinos. This is now one of the significant growth areas for online providers due to their increased popularity and to keep up with the competition that is constantly adding them to their offering. Most of the more prominent online sites provide at least a few live casino games for players to enjoy, including live game shows which have just recently come onto the scene. These new offerings are based on a TV game show format with live hosts directing all the action for the variety of games available. 

Advances in VR technology bring players from all over the world together in live casinos. There, they can interact with other real players while placing themselves in the middle of their chosen games.

VR will make it possible to walk around in a real online casino and take in all the sights with the chance to interact with everything around you without leaving the comfort of your home. The technology is still in its early stages for most online providers, but a lot of money is being invested in bringing these advances to gamers sooner rather than later. 

A Bright Future Ahead

The future of the iGaming industry looks promising as there is unlimited potential for the growth of the industry. With more people taking up iGaming as a hobby, the sector that has seen the most significant increase is the sports betting industry. This is mainly due to the rise in female interest in online gaming and innovations in mobile technology. 

With the advances in technology, it’s now possible to participate in online gaming more efficiently than ever. Also, with more states opening up to this new source of revenue, providers are investing profits back into advanced technologies that will make online gaming more attractive to more people as additional states look to pass legislation to make iGaming legal.

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