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You probably have heard of iMessage, from your colleagues or your iPhone user friends. What exactly is it? And why do iPhone people say as much as they “can’t imagine their phone experience without iMessage”? Can we download iMessage for Android? Are there any iMessage alternatives for Android OS?

All questions are answered below.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is a chat and message sharing an application that is developed by Apple. It comes bundled with iPhone so you don’t need to download it separately. What makes it so special? Well, for a long time, sending and receiving text or message was done by SMS service (still in fashion today).
It has some serious drawbacks like:

  • Text length is restricted to 160 characters
  • Can’t send images or videos (now you can send images but it takes forever to load)
  • Includes charges as per the carrier
  • Though modern SMS apps allow some degree of customization, older ones simply didn’t

iMessage, on the other hand, uses your internet connection to send not only messages but images, videos and music. It allows those Animoji’s and other animations which you may or may not like. Thus iMessage is better than SMS clients.

iMessage for Android

Short answer, NO, iMessage can’t be used on Android. *Still, there is a way, which is very complicated and requires a real MAC computer (which costs more than an iPhone). So yeah, there is no iMessage for Android.

Are there any iMessage Alternatives for Android?

Are the android users out of luck ? will they forever be stuck with the good old SMS client? Certainly not. There are many third-party chat providers and messaging services. When the features of these services are compared, iMessage falls short of features.

What iMessage does well is that it provides a seamless interface for iPhone users to send and receive messages and data over a single platform without downloading any other apps.

Google also released its own “chat”. It is a mashup of SMS and Hangouts app if said shortly.

Best iMessage Alternatives for Android

Here are some popular and quite iMessage like alternatives available for Android.

1. Whatsapp messenger

You are probably using the WhatsApp messengerIt has gained quite a solid traction in Asia and is also used in other parts of the world. It uses your internet connection to send all kinds of data. Whatsapp has grown fastly over these years. You can send chat, images, videos, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) ie. voice calls, all using internet connection.

Why is WhatsApp a good alternative for iMessage

  • Ability to add friends from your contact list just as your regular SMS app.
  • You can create groups or send messages to your friends in private.
  • You can share almost any kind of media, as long as it is under 25mb. (which is still very nice)
  • It is available for both Android and Ios so you and your friends can download it and communicate without the need for iMessage.
  • Encrypts your message end to end for an extra layer of privacy and security.

2. Facebook messenger

Messenger is developed by, you guessed it. Facebook! It is also very popular and you might even have this installed if you happen to use Facebook regularly. Back then, facebook included the messaging part, now provided separately. You still need to have a facebook account to use messenger though. But the messenger has pretty much all the features and customization you are looking for. Apart from the features that WhatsApp provides, it also has animated stickers.

Why is Facebook messenger a good alternative for iMessage

  • It is fast and light (only the messaging part of facebook app)
  • Can send media over the internet (except some formats like zipping or 7z)
  • And has animated stickers and rich user experience.

Point to be noted though, firstly, you will require your Facebook account to use messenger. And also, you will only be connected to your facebook friends rather than contact list people.

3. Airmessage

If you happen to have a MAC computer and some technical knowledge, you can go as far as to use the full-fledged iMessage experience by using Airmessage. It basically installs the air message app on your Android phone and an app on your Mac computer. Your Android sends a message to the Mac and Mac forwards it to an iPhone user on his/her iMessage app. The result? It almost feels like you and your friend are chatting using iMessage.

  • Keep in mind that you do need a real Mac for this purpose. If you do not have one, skip this one.
  • And yes, the Mac will behave like a hub between the 2 chat users. So the mac will need to be running all the time.

If you are really into this method because “why not ?”, then you can check out the method from this video

This method is kind of techy. Also, this can work on a Mac virtual machine but honestly, all this hassle will not be worth it. If you can go through all this, you can also buy an iPhone!

4. Hike messenger

Developed in India, Hike messenger app is quite light and very easy to use. It features a modern UI that looks like iMessage and has the features to match.

It does your basic things like the chat, the emojis, the images and videos. Then is also does stuff that your average apps don’t. It can show cricket scores, show jokes, video chats, stickers and stories etc.

8 iMessage for Android Alternatives

If you are looking for iMessage for Android, then you can use these 8 free alternatives.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Airmessage
  4. Hike
  5. Google hangouts
  6. Wechat
  7. Google Chat (depends on your carrier provider)
  8. Kik messenger
  9. Pushbullets

Final verdict

iMessage is not available for Android because it is governed by apple and apple don’t let non-iPhone users touch their apps! But we hope you find our alternatives and our guide on “iMessage Alternatives for Android” useful. Feel free to comment your thoughts below. Cheers and peace!

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