Have you faced a new prospect that can become an excellent fit for your services or products? Why not try to pitch your offers to them? But how to go about contacting those prospects?

Regardless of how popular social media has become, email is still the most effective way of contacting possible clients. The recently carried out survey shows that an average email owner checks their inbox up to fifteen times per day. Hence, all that you need is to get hold of your client’s email.

In the past, it was not so simple to find the email you needed. You had to spend much time on the task since all that you could do was relying on Google, LinkedIn, or using an email permutator hack.

The latter allowed to spot attainable combinations of electronic mail addresses based on the provided data. However, with modern techs available today, there’s no sense in considering any of the outdated techniques to find emails manually. You’d better pass straight to email finding tools. These are highly convenient and effective tools.

How It Works

Email finding software is a lead enrichment tool that serves an easy way to spot any email necessary. You can use it to find an employee’s email address for your company or visa versa. Additionally, use it to extract any B2B contact. For the latter, you will need to complete the search form online to make the results more accurate. Here are what you should complete in this simple search tool:

  1. The marketing position of the target email owner;
  2. The lead country;
  3. The size of the company;
  4. Industries;
  5. Company’s HQ countries/cities;
  6. The domain of the company;
  7. The name of the company.

Using the same technique, you can also gather information about the owner of the email address you have. Find out all the above-mentioned points by inserting the person’s email address or check if the data they provided you with was correct.

Benefits To Make Use Of

Making use of a trustworthy email lookup service, such as, for example, GetProspect (https://getprospect.io/) you are benefiting in many aspects. Here are the points worth your attention:

  • You can group all the found profiles into lists and name them. This makes it highly convenient for later use. You may group the contacts by company, name, position, and so forth. You can also group the lists into folders.
  • You get the chance to export or import all the prospects to the applications you use such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Salesforce, etc.
  • Inviting your team and sharing your plan, you allow them to find prospects easier and save money.
  • If you need to spot emails in bulk, just import all the files you have with their names and company info.
  • Once you’ve found the necessary contacts, you can export them into an XLS or CSV file and include the extracted emails with the rest information you’ve spotted (position, location company name, and website, industry, etc).
  • Based on the emails you have, search for information related to their company. This may include the address and telephone number, the size of the company, the number of employees registered, and so forth.
  • Once you created an email list of your target audience and export it, you can use it with any email sender platform to easily contact all your potential clients.

Exploiting an email finding tool is your key to success in email marketing which will save you a lot of time and help to benefit from your email marketing campaign.

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