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When choosing a company logo it is common for the process to be rushed. Or, worse, it is possible for a hasty decision to be made that reflects badly on the company. After all, if a company can’t be bothered to put time into their logo, how can anyone be sure that they are serious about doing business?

With that being said, there are examples of company logos that are simply incredible. At first glance, many don’t even grasp how thoroughly thought out the design was and how well it advertises the brand. Subconsciously, however, the complexity of the design is registered and appreciated.

Here are some company logos that deserve an award for their incredible logo designs.


A casual observer may glance at the Amazon logo, the word Amazon with a line beneath it, and not grasp even half of what is really being communicated. First, upon closer inspection, an observer might spot that the first and second letter a, plus the line, make a smiling face.

But look closer and it will be spotted that the line actually points from the letter A, to the letter A. Not only has Amazon worked in a smiling face, but has also declared that it is their job to get packages from A to Z. Not only is this company on the cusp of the latest tech trends, but its simple logo also makes it stand out from the pack.


The Cisco logo is a simple set of red letters topped by a series of vertical grey lines. It will probably be pointed out that the vertical lines represent a digital signal, part of the company’s profession as a telecommunications expert.

But look again and you will realize that the vertical lines also form the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is where Cisco got their start. You might now also have realized that the word Cisco forms part of the name San Francisco.

The Bronx Zoo

Everyone expects there to be animals at a zoo. So, the pair of giraffes and handful of birds in the logo design makes a great deal of sense. But, fascinatingly, looking at the negative space between the giraffe’s legs will reveal the New York skyline.

Once seeing the hidden buildings, they cannot be unseen. This is true creative genius taken to the next level. Some may even share the logo after spotting the buildings, which just goes to show how important clever logo design really is. If you’re interested in entertainment while you contemplate this logo design. Buy bitcoin instantly right here

Baskin Robbins

Lastly, we have yet another true stroke of genius in logo form. Ice cream company Baskin Robbins is known for two things. Firstly, for serving delicious ice cream. Secondly, for having a total of 31 original flavors available for customers. It only seems natural that this information should be included in the logo.

If paying attention to the capital B and R in the middle of the logo, it will quickly be spotted that the pink parts of the letters proudly form the number 31. A truly creative design that deserves recognition.

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