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We all know the benefits of a good, revitalizing skincare routine. It’s the perfect start and end to every day, leaving your face feeling clean and cool before bed and brightening your skin every morning. It’s strange that it’s taken men so long to get in on the action.

A part of this is due to gender expectations, but rapidly changing norms is also why skincare for men is a growing trend, leading men away from obnoxiously branded products and toward subtle, delicious, and revitalizing balms and lotions. If you’re tired of your man complaining about his blackheads or worrying about a breakout, then maybe it’s time to nudge him in the direction of your beauty cabinet. If you can end up sharing, it’s going to cost you a whole lot less to keep that bathroom shelf full.

1. Face Wash

Most men have been using face wash since their teenage years, but many don’t know that they no longer need to use a hard-hitting, teenage boy branded wash. There are plenty of scrubs, cleansing creams, and foams that all have different functions, and all cater to different skin types.  Everyone likes having clear, clean skin – regardless of how a man might feel about this kind of exploration at first.

2. Moisturiser 

A lot of men these days moisturize, but not a lot of them know which moisturizer will suit their particular skin. Next time you’re with your partner in the skincare aisle, point out to him a moisturizer that’ll suit his skin type. If his skin is dry a heavier moisturizer should work well whereas if his skin’s already pretty oily, a lighter one should be a lot better and also prevent breakouts. Remember to change these up every now and again as moisturizers become less effective over time.

3. Toner

Ah, toner. Nothing is better than taking a cotton round in the evening and making extra sure your face is absolutely dirt-free. If your partner struggles with the heat at night or wants to get rid of his blackheads, there are cooling toners made specifically for this reason. They come in a variety of fragrances and their alcohol content makes the skin far more able to absorb the moisturizer it’s about to receive.

4. Under Eye Cream/Gel 

As someone who works online, my eyes get extra sore and dry. Having an under-eye cream in your arsenal is always a huge winner and not only alleviates those ever-darkening bags but also soothes the skin around the eyes which can become irritated and dry. If your man is working late at the computer while you’re doing your evening skincare routine, walk over to him, tell him to close his eyes, and gently rub the cooling gel over the skin just under his eyes. He’ll be instantly astonished!

There’s a whole world of products out there that men are on the verge of discovering, just like what you’ll find when you check this site. Skincare is also a wonderful ritual to have as a couple – what could be better than a time of mutual self-care at the beginning and end of each day?

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