In many aspects of our lives, we rely on intuition to make decisions. This also happens in gambling. Many punters depend on intuition to make many decisions.

While decisions like choosing a good betting site to play or good bonuses to claim are taken based on available information, moves in Poker are usually decided by intuition. For example, you don’t need intuition to choose a good 400% casino bonus at or any other website. You can make decisions on which bonus to claim by simply checking through the terms and conditions. But while playing the Poker game, you may have to depend on your intuition to decide whether to fold or raise.

What exactly is intuition?

In case you’re still trying to grasp what we’re talking about, we will explain it clearly to help you understand it from a broader perspective.

Intuition is something we experience daily. Perhaps, you may have a bad feeling about walking alone through a dark parking space, or you could just feel good about a new colleague.

These gut feelings are developed through our previous experiences and information we pick from our subconscious. Most times, these feelings are the only ways you have to judge or make decisions in situations where there’s none or only a little information to use.

For instance, you can’t use science to judge whether or not you can trust a new coworker. It is that “inner voice” that suggests to you what to do. It is not always right but still a good way to make decisions when you don’t have complete information.

A lot of times, intuition is used interchangeably with instincts. But it is important to note that the two terms are not the same.

Instinct is how we react to situations and does not necessarily have to do with decision-making. For instance, if you feel thirsty, your instincts naturally tell you to drink some water.

Intuition, on the other hand, can’t be explained with reason, and most times, you don’t even know it’s what you’re basing your decisions on.

How punters use intuition

Most gamblers who use intuition do so when they don’t have an idea of their opponent’s or dealer’s stand in the game. Like the example of Poker mentioned earlier, the player can’t tell whether the opponent has a better hand. Hence, they have to rely on intuition to take the next step.

Another example is a case where the dealer or opponents have been unlucky. The knowledge of their previous results can affect the player’s next move. Thus, intuitive gambling is betting with sudden thoughts instead of applying strategies. Here are popular betting games where intuition is used:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat

Conclusion: Can you always trust intuition?

The short answer is No. It doesn’t always work. Just like our intuition may fail when judging a person or situation, it could also result in a miss when gambling.

A better approach to gambling is using strategies. Over the years, skilled punters have developed proper strategies that can be used for various games and sports. This will help you stand a better chance than intuition.

For instance, you might be playing Blackjack and your total hand score is 12. Let’s assume that the dealer’s card facing up is 5, the correct decision will be to stand. But your inner voice (intuition) can ask you to hit. Even though it is possible to hit and still win, the chances are very low. Therefore, it is better to follow strategies.

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