The beauty and joy of gardening is that it not only adds beauty to your home, but you can use your gardening skills to grow plants that are very useful to you as well. While edible plants such as peppers are great for food purpose, growing herbs such as basil are also useful. However, what is also useful is growing medicinal plants in your garden. Being able to grow your own medicinal herbs means you will have easy access to some handy, curative plants that not only add beauty to your garden but also help you if you are sick.

Popular Medicine Herbs

There are a variety of medicinal plants that you can grow in your home garden, depending on your preferences, needs, and interests. However, if you cannot make up your mind or have little knowledge about medicinal herbs, then check out some of our recommendations to help you make a choice regarding which medicine herbs you should grow in your garden.

This is a very useful medicinal plant and is easy to grow. You can not only add this medicinal herb to your tea; it is very handy if you have troubled sleep as the smell of chamomile aids sleep. The beautiful white and gold Chamomile flowers also add beauty to your garden.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is one of the most useful medicinal plants and can be easily grown in your medicine garden. Instead of buying a bottle of aloe gel from the chemists, you can grow your own aloe at home. Breaking the prickly leaves of the plant reveals the aloe gel which is useful for sun burns, skin irritations, eczema, etc.
Peppermint is one of the oldest medicinal herbs around and has been used for centuries. In addition its medicinal properties, this plant can be used to add flavor to your food or even your tea. As a medicinal plant, peppermint is very good for the digestive system and for treating problems such as flatulence.

Sage is a popular healing medicinal plant and is useful to treat soar throats and even mouth infections. Experts believe sage can be very handy to help depression and anxiety patients as well.

Another popular medicinal herb, Fenugreek is very useful for soothing the digestive tract. In addition, if you have cholesterol problems, fenugreek can help lower cholesterol levels.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is a very useful medicinal plant that is useful for coughs, colds, and fevers and doubles up as an insect repellent as well. This medicinal herb is very handy when it comes to treating upset stomachs as well.

Milk Thistle

This medicinal herb has useful medicinal properties and beautiful purple flowers that are helpful for gall bladder and liver problems.

These are some of the most popular medicinal plants that you can consider growing in your home medicine garden. Other medicinal herbs you might like to consider are stinging nettles (for blood cleansing), primrose (especially for its oil) and even Echinacea (for boosting the immune system).

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