Adsense Income
Adsense Income

Call it a small victory. I just checked my Adsense dashboard to see how I am doing as I do every day and realized that I have surpassed what I made in 2010 with the Adsense program so far this year.

I am not yet ready to flip off my boss and go retire to a beach somewhere to write my soon to be bestselling memoirs entitled “How I Became An Internet Millionaire,” but I do think I am on the right path.

I have been involved trying to generate an online passive income just like the many millions of others, and I have not found the latest secret method, and I do not have a famous Internet guru leading me by the hand. All I have done is to keep plugging away, creating content here on Xomba and on several other Adsense revenue sharing sites. I have good days and not so good days, and like many others, my work was affected by the recent Farmer’s Update when Google tweaked their algorithm. I was not hit as hard as some because I shy away from the trendy and somewhat shoddy and spammy topics that are touted as the surefire topics that will get you money for little or no work. I do work for what I have received and seem to have to work hard to keep it and expand on what I get. There are no short cuts.

Any secret that I could possibly share would be this: volume. Not as in article spinning or spamming every website that I have ever visited, but volume as in creating a lot of content that is, in my opinion, well written. There is a lot of money floating around the Internet, and even if you or I wrote a million different pieces of content, our total output would be tiny when compared to the whole. It is difficult for our content to be found by large numbers of people. I write an article on Xomba, and I may get 10 or 20 reads a day for something that is somewhat legible. If I have ten articles, I may have 100 to 200 people reading what I have written. The percentages are against me, so I try to crank out more. If I crank out the garbage, what right do I have that someone will ever find it, let alone read it? It has to be something relatively new or have a different slant then what everyone else is writing about, or it will not be found.

Some of my work is getting found, and I am being rewarded with a bit of Adsense money. There are many who are making a lot more than I am, but I think I can see what I need to do to join their ranks. It won’t be tomorrow, next week or likely even this year, but I see where I want to go and I know how to get there. Why not join me?

I have made more in the last 71 days than what it took me the previous 365 days to earn with Adsense. Can I continue this? I think I can, and I am excited to try. And that is my first step.

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