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If you are a frequent Instagram user, you might have encountered a problem as shown in the picture above. Yes, got cropped! We will help you fix the issue by using no crop apps for Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

You can use these insta no crop apps to edit your pictures and upload them on Instagram and keep the full resolution.

What Are No Crop Apps For Instagram?

You uploaded it straightaway on Instagram and done! But you dig a little deeper and find that the picture was cropped out! Sometimes your face is cropped off! Simply unacceptable. Is there any way to fix it though? Yes, there are ways. In this text, we are talking about no crop apps. 

A no crop app helps you edit pictures and save them in a resolution that Instagram won’t crop out. Your phone’s basic pictures app keeps the clicked photo as it is, which can sometimes be cropped off by Instagram for scaling issues. These special no crop apps help fix this issue. And they are pretty lightweight and comes bundled with a ton of other neat features that are also useful. Let’s discuss some popular no crop apps for mobile devices.

Best No Crop Apps For Instagram

Here are some apps that will enable you to edit and upload pictures on social media apps without any annoying cropping.

1. UnClip – No Crop & Square for Instagram

UnClip (No Crop & Square App for Instagram) is free to download the app for android, which which you can easily post your entire photos on Instagram without cropping any essential part of your photos. It’s the best and simplest no crop photo editor for Instagram and WhatsApp.

  • Unclip can blur border and no crop layout and is the best companion for Instagram.
  • UnClip adds blur or any coloured background to your images and makes them square ready in minutes.

2. No Crop

No Crop is the app to use if you are tired of cropping images. No Crop is the best way to square your photos quickly.

  • This app also lets you create beautiful profile pictures with awesome blurred backgrounds and coloured filters. Using no crop you are able to use some stunning effects and filters.
  • Fifty amazing effects are available to edit photos quickly and free.
  • The look and UI is very easy and user-friendly

3. No Crop & Square For Instagram

The name is the game here! This app does exactly what the name tells. No Crop & Square for Instagram!

  • No Crop is a highly customized pics editing app featuring user-friendly interface.
  • It includes a pic editor with different effects to make the pics you post on Instagram even more special.
  • With NoCrop, you can edit your photos with multiple filters, effects and smiley emojis to make your photos more popular and special.
  • You can also decorate your words with many new, animated, 3D emoticons, Emoji Arts and much more!

4. No Crop For WhatsApp

The easiest app to edit your WhatsApp and Instagram display picture. Add blurred effects at the borders to keep everybody inside. It also includes coloured frames if you want to go classic.

Turn the picture some degrees to add a cool style. Simplicity matters, add amazing colour filters with a few taps, no expert required for professional results.

5. Quick Square: The No Crop Photo Editor

Quick Square is an app that enables you to post full-size photos on social networking sites without cropping. The app is the easiest way to post the high-quality full-size picture without cropping.

You can also use awesome background, colour and blur effect for your picture to make it best.

6. InstaFitter: A No Crop Apps For Instagram, Photo Share

InstraFitter is a simple video/ photo editor app that fits a whole part of a rectangle image into a square shape. Just one tap to edit your photo and post it quickly to Instagram.

If you want to make an image whole part visible from rectangle photo and post it to Instagram, check out this app.

7. The No Crop Insta DP Maker

The No Crop Insta DP Maker app lets you set your Profile DP without cut your photos.

No Crop Insta DP Maker is an amazing photo editing tool in which you can create DP photo without cutting your photo. With this app, you can create blurred photos, apply filters on photos or set a tag on your photos. Also, add stickers on photos, apply emoji art, add colourful text on photos, beautiful and superb background for your photos.

You will not have to cut or reduce the photos. This app is quite easy to use and has a modern UI. You can download the app from the play store.

8. Square Pic for Instagram: No Crop Photo Editor

At this point, providing application descriptions is just so obvious. This app also does what it’s supposed to do. It is a powerful photo editor with Square Pic Size, Collage Maker, Mirror Image, all features in one package.

  • With Square Pic Photo Editor – Collage Maker Photo Effect you can post full-size photos on Instagram with no crop
  • The inbuilt collage maker has more many interesting collage layouts,with gradient background colours which make pictures really nice.

Free No Crop Apps for Whatsapp and Insta

Here are some more!

  1. Whatscrop
  2. Instant Fit
  3. No crop Insta DM
  4. Square photo
  5. No crop collage
  6. Square It for insta
  7. Photo grid lite
  8. Story Art for Insta
  9. Crop my pic
  10. Automatic Background Adjuster

Summing up

Hope we help you find your no crop app and you liked our mentions and you were able to choose an app of your liking.

Also, mention your favorites below in the comments. Cheers and peace!

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