Warcraft classes - Deathknight, Druid, Hunter
Warcraft classes - Deathknight, Druid, Hunter

Tips for beginners on how to quickly level up a character in World of Warcraft. Power leveling service from third-party services, the cost of leveling up, and other features of boosting.

Fast character leveling in World of Warcraft

With the release of a new add-on, developers like to raise the character level cap, forcing players to level up as the story progresses. And if you create a new class, then you have to start from scratch and level all the way up to the max.It may take up to one month, for average players but if you want to access high-level content faster, then you will have to spend 6-8 hours a day every day until you hit the level cap. Many users do not have that much free time. In this case, you can buy WoW power leveling.

What is power-leveling in WoW?

Leveling is one of the most popular services on third-party sites. The exact service depends on the game, but usually, it means that someone other than the account owner raises one’s character power through various different means as quickly as possible. When ordering power leveling in WoW, you get:

  • Your character boosted to the level that you ordered;
  • gold, equipment, and items that were looted during boosting;
  • reputation with friendly factions and other by-products of the service.

When an ordinary player creates a new character, they don’t think about the rapid passage of locations and do not know which items and consumables will be needed to speed up the process of gaining experience. The gameplay is laid-back, so reaching the maximum level can be delayed for a long time. In World of Warcraft, all the latest content is intended for maximum level. As soon as you finish leveling, the character will unlock dungeons, mythic+ and raids, daily quests, and reputation with endgame factions. If you’re creating a new character and want to quickly access high-level content, consider WoW powerleveling service.

Why you should order boosting in WoW

Leveling a character, going through dungeons and raids takes a lot of time. But in order to keep up with your guildmates or collect rare items in the game, you can always entrust this business to professional gamers. Boosters do everything quickly and efficiently.

Boosting features:

  • the time to complete the order depends on the selected service (leveling the character, closing dungeons within the time limit, killing rare bosses, increasing reputation with factions);
  • all services are provided for both factions;
  • boosters do all tasks manually, without using third-party programs or bots;
  • VPNs from your country are always used for extra protection of your account;
  • If you would like to keep tracking the service, you can always get a private stream and watch it being done live.

Boosting in WoW is popular because it saves so much time. It can take several years to unlock rare achievements, mounts, toys, and titles for one person. However, the same results can be achieved much quicker with the support of other players.

Beginner Tips

If you decide to level up your character on your own, it is recommended that you thoroughly prepare for this matter. It’s worth starting with your war mode turned off, until you get the hang of things and turn it on when you feel like you’re ready because it increases the amount of experience gained from quests significantly. But at the same time, you risk becoming easy prey for high-level characters of the opposing faction who want to kill you in PvP.

Other tips for fast leveling:

  • choose the best expansion – most players opt for Warlords of Draenor or Legion;
  • Buy your gear at AH;
  • Make use of any and all experience bonuses available to you.

Addons can also make your life easier while leveling but are not required. In parallel with the completion of quests, it is recommended to queue for the dungeons. You’ll get character experience, but also learn how to interact with other players in PvE; a skill that will come in handy once you start farming Mythic+.

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