Winter is an exciting season for many reasons, you can celebrate Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year and many more holidays whilst huddling around a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Whilst this makes winter sound perfect for you, it can be very dangerous to the state of your home, due to the potential damages extreme wet and cold weather can cause. It’s important that you know how to protect your home against the dangerous possibilities that winter weather has to offer, so read on to find out how a heat recovery system can make sure that your home is safe this winter.

Protect Your Home from Damp

During the winter when the weather is far colder and wetter than any other season, any damp that you are currently experiencing in your house will be made much worse by the dangerous weather conditions. Damp can be hard to treat, but there are ways that you can make the problem less dangerous to your home and your family’s health. By installing a heat recovery system with a well-installed ventilation system from BPC Ventilation, the cold and moist air will be removed from your home into the atmosphere and replaced with warm air that has been gathered and mixed into the stale air by the heat recovery system. Make sure that you beat the damp by making your house as moisture-free as possible.

Protect Your Home from Freezing

The cold weather conditions can cause so many problems for your home during the winter, such as frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are caused by a lack of warmth surrounding the pipes and circulating the home in general. A key way to prevent your pipes from freezing is by keeping your home at a warm steady temperature. A heat recovery system will come in handy in making sure that this is possible. By constantly mixing heat into the air that has gone cold, a heat recovery system will make sure that your home is a consistent temperature without adding money to your electricity bill. This not only reduces the chances of frozen pipes but also protects you from an increased electricity bill and potential emergency repair costs.

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Protect Your Home from Boiler Breakdowns

When your boiler breaks down, it can mean that your home is left completely without heat when very cold winter is ahead. If the roads are heavily covered with snow, it can be difficult to get it fixed quickly as the roads may be out of action. Whilst the boiler is out of action, however, a heat recovery system can harvest some of the warm air that is still in the house and in the atmosphere and circulate this around the home. Heat recovery systems are more effective at heating a home than a traditional central heating system. You won’t have to endure temperature fluctuations and unpleasant cold spots!

Winter should be the time of year when you are celebrating all different kinds of festivities with your friends and family, and it shouldn’t be the time of year where you are stressing about the condition of your home. Make sure that your home is fully protected in the winter with a heat recovery system and forget all your worries about the winter weather.

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