Cosmetic surgery can make a powerful impact for some people. Even so, it’s not the right solution for everyone. Before you set your heart on having a procedure, it pays to ask yourself a few questions. Some of the answers will require input from a professional like Dr.Kristina Zakhary, plastic surgeon. Once you have those answers, it will be easier to determine if cosmetic surgery is indeed the best choice.

What’s the Motivation for the Surgery?

People seek cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons. It could be to change something that’s bothered them for a long time. The goal may be to reverse some of the effects of aging and enjoy a more youthful appearance. Perhaps the point of the surgery is to restore looks that were lost due to some type of injury or accident. Once you identify the specific reason for wanting the procedure, it’s easier to decide if you should pursue this solution.

What Sort of Results Can You Expect?

Cosmetic surgery can accomplish a lot, but what can be done is not always in line with what the patient hopes. It pays to be realistic about what the surgery can and cannot accomplish. The good news is that a surgeon can use computer-generated images to provide a good idea of what a procedure would do in terms of altering your appearance. If you find that those images are close to what you had in mind, moving forward is an option. If the change is less than you expected, it’s worth discussing other possible solutions.

Are You Healthy Enough for the Procedure?

This is a major concern that many people overlook until they begin to talk with a surgeon. Certain health issues, especially if they are not under control, may disqualify you from having any type of invasive cosmetic procedure. In order to find out if a health issue would prevent the surgeon from agreeing to perform the procedure, be prepared to provide information about your health history and the current state of your health. You may need to see your general practitioner and undergo a complete physical before the surgeon will consider taking you on as a client.

The goal is to determine if any existing health problem would making having the forehead surgery you want too risky. If so, the surgeon is sure to decline. If not, then the procedure can be scheduled.

Will Your Life Improve Once the Recovery is Complete?

Think about how things will be once you recover from the surgery and get back to your life. Do you believe that the procedure will help you feel more confident in your appearance? Would it be easier to enjoy social events or maybe participate in work-related activities with greater ease? If that’s the case, the procedure is worth the time, effort, and cost.

Only you can decide if a cosmetic procedure is right for you. Consult with the surgeon, provide all the information needed, and consider your goals carefully. If you have reasonable expectations and your general health does not pose a problem, have the procedure, and get ready to enjoy your life a little more.

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