What is adolescence without fun? What are the teenage years without fun? What is college without fun? Well, needless to say, it’s boring beyond imagination. To spice things up we need time which, let’s face it, we all fall short on. To get you to make more time to enjoy school or college or even university, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Cut social media time

We live in a global village where everything and anything is just a click away. Besides the overdose of information is social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr seem to be eating away too many hours of our days without seeming like it.

If you aimlessly scroll through Instagram every few minutes, stop it! I know it’s easier said than done but just think about all the things you rather be doing. College time is a fairly precious time with respect to making lifelong friends, meeting someone special or just exploring a new hobby. Make sure you are mindful of it and don’t waste this time staring at other people’s pictures which mind you don’t even depict their real life.

Cut down the scrolling, put your phone on an airplane mode and just go out and have fun!

2. Ace that homework

No matter how interested we are in a subject, endless course works, assignments, reading suck the fun out of it. They are important to pay heed to, sure, but are assignments all that our time should revolve around? No, thanks!

Scoring higher grades open more doors for you which are why they should not be compromised on, at all. But, it is imperative to know the options that are available to you. Make good use of the internet. YouTube is a great resource to understand something in less than 10 minutes which you failed to get in an hour-long lecture. Not just that, there are various other websites that can help you kill the quiz next morning or ace that extra credit essay that you have to write. There are various websites like wowessays.com that provide you with numerous 100% free essays to get you going. Further, websites like the aforementioned provide services against meager rates to write a customized essay for you within crazy stringent deadlines.

If you want to attend that party or practice extra hard for the big game, don’t worry, get your homework done in just a click and enjoy!

3. Have a routine

It’s the most overused phrase ever, we get it but it is as true as it gets! Having a routine is significantly important. It allows you to plan out those extracurricular activities without missing out on anything. Alongside that, it is important you get up early in the morning. Starting your day before the world allows you to be more productive and get things out of your way more quickly than you would think. Instead of getting up at 9 a.m. for a lecture, waking up at 5-6 a.m. will allow you to work out, do your homework, prepare for a quiz or even prepare yourself a hearty breakfast a few hours before the day officially begins.

All in all, it is pertinent to enjoy whatever you do be it homework or a late-night party. Life is a plethora of experiences. Make sure you don’t give up on anything just because you were too busy studying. You will never be this young again so live it up and enjoy while it lasts!

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