Instagram DM or direct messages is yet another way to share and receive chat messages between friends. I mean Instagram is a very popular platform for photo sharing and social interaction. Some people even prefer so as to use Instagram alternatively for Facebook. But the fact is, most Instagram users are using the app from their mobile phones (or tablets). But how to send Instagram messages on PC?

A lot of Instagram traffic comes from mobile computing devices. But maybe you don’t have a mobile device or maybe not have a device nearby. And you need to use Instagram asap! Are you out of luck?

Certainly not. Below are some pretty quick and on point methods that you can use to send Instagram messages on computer.

How To Send Instagram Messages On PC

If you want to use Instagram on a pinch and all you got is a laptop, try the following methods and you will be sending DMs in no time. All methods have a detailed description given below but here are the methods nonetheless.

  • Using the Instagram chrome extension on your browser
  • The windows store app for Instagram
  • Downloading and using android emulators ( and eventually running Instagram off of it )
  • Using the IG DM utility that you can download for free.

Let’s get into the details of all these above-provided methods.

1. Send Insta DM on Chrome Online (using extension)

Chrome extensions are small mini-apps that run instantaneously with a single click. What’s the catch? It only works with chrome! As they are chrome extensions. Anyways, if you use chrome browser then this will work just fine for you. To get the chrome extension for Instagram,

This is the website that hosts all kinds of extensions for all kinds of apps. It just so happens to have an extension for Instagram as well.

  • Just search for Instagram DM extension in the search bar
  • Select the extensions based on stories or DM ( in this case it will be DM )

Once you download the extension, it will appear in the top right corner of your chrome browser window. When you click on it, the first time it will ask for for a sign in using your username and password. It will save it for the next time. Next time it will show you people from your account and an option to send them DM directly through the extension.  Very cool! Similarly, you can get extensions for Instagram stories etc.

2. Get the Instagram App From The Windows or Mac store

All the big players in the social media game ( including Instagram ) make sure they do not leave any platform left. So they do have Instagram native apps for windows and mac OS. Just get the app from the store. On windows,

  • Go to start menu and search for Windows store
  • Once opened, simply search for Instagram and wait for the results to load
  • A similar procedure for Mac OS as well

Rest of the procedure is pretty self-explanatory. Run the app, sign in for the first time and use Instagram just like on any other mobile device. ( And send DMs )

3. Using Android Emulators

What if you don’t have an android phone and don’t want to use the web or the store version of Instagram either! Any other way? yes, there is one. This way is by far the sketchiest and requires a tech-savvy mindset. Alright. We will be using an android VM ( or a virtual machine ). A virtual machine is a full fledged version of a device that runs in a small window in another host system. Here the VM is android and the host is your computer.

There are many apps that can provide you with a VM environment. Notable ones are Nox player, Bluestacks. Also, you can install VirtualBox and install an android ROM on it. You can run any app ( any game or anything), including, you guessed it, Instagram! Let’s see how

  • Open your browser and search for Nox player
  • You can also use Bluestacks ( it’s a matter of personal preference )
  • Download the software from the site mentioned.
  • Install it and you are good to go!

Now you see that it can do! It basically runs android OS in a small window. And you can just so easily install the Instagram app from the Google Playstore. And sign in and basically use it just as you would use on an android device. With the additional benefits being that you can run all the other android apps you wanted to run on the PC. I mean you can run PUBG mobile off of it!

4. Using Third Party Software For Instagram DM on PC

Many third-party apps exist for Instagram that provides some unique functionality of its own. It is to be noted that these apps are neither partnered nor related to Instagram in any way. They can or can not steal your data so make sure you trust third party methods. But we will tell you only about the one that we are sure is safe and have tested it ourselves. It is the IG DM app.

You can download the app from the official website. It will provide the functionality of sending and reading DM from Instagram on your PC.

Summing up

In this guide, we showcased some very easy and clutch methods that you can use to send and receive Insta DM on PC.

We hope you liked our guide. Be sure you let us know your own methods in the comments down below. As always, cheers and peace!

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