Modern businesses need to have a strong online presence in order to compete these days, but simply being active and constantly updating your website isn’t enough. One of the most crucial things to think about when setting up a business is to make sure there are clear lines of communication between you and the customer. If your clients can’t see ways to get in touch with you should there be any problems, they may be more inclined to take their business elsewhere. Let’s examine how websites present themselves well to customers in this way.

Just how important are clear communications on a website? There are some interesting statistics surrounding the subject. For example, of the 205.6 billion emails that are sent across the globe each day, only one-third are opened. For this reason, sending blanket emails to customers may not be the way forward. Despite this, some companies still choose to go with a monthly newsletter. This is fine, as long as the content is compelling.

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Another interesting fact from Bluesource is that 78 percent of people who text wish they could have a text conversation with a business. This has brought about a rise in text boxes on websites that allow users to send messages and sometimes get instant replies from a company representative. For small businesses that can’t afford to employ as many staff, chatbots can be used and programmed to answer a wide range of frequently asked questions.

When designing your website you need to consider having clear delivery, product, and contact information which is visible to customers in a prominent place. It would help to look at some sites that have done this well. On the home page for Buzz Bingo, there is a good example of a company who has put their address in an easy to spot location. Knowing the physical location of the business helps players trust the legitimacy of the operation. PR Daily, meanwhile, is renowned for its daily news feed, which is sent directly to customers’ inboxes. It is also active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When they have customer service-related questions, 90 percent of people rate an immediate response as very important. This is why some companies now have chat windows that pop up instantly when visitors open the page. Some good examples of companies which are doing this well include the investment advisor, Betterment, and Canyon, which is a global bicycle service. Being able to chat to someone on the website if there is an issue is extremely useful, and it can save a lot of time. This is almost certainly going to keep customers coming back.

When making your business website, it is imperative to consider all the options that people may want to use to stay in contact with you. Having your business address clearly written can enhance customer trust, and a regular newsletter could keep them engaged. It would also be useful to have a chat pop up so that you can develop a closer relationship with your customers.

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