Fans of the game know the respectable Shangri La network complexes located in Eastern Europe. This is a real Eden for admirers of a chic and refined holiday. The brand is managed by Storm International; Darren Keane, its director, is responsible for the network expanding and following the strict rules that have been developed over the course of 25 years of formation.

The scope with which all casinos are decorated is impressive! These are stunning palaces for those who wish to spend time in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Currently, the network includes 4 establishments in the capitals of Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, and Latvia.

The countdown to the history of Shangri La began in Moscow in 1992. It was here that the first gaming establishment with a similar name opened. Its founder was Michael Boettcher, a British citizen who devoted many years of his life to gambling and was looking for new markets for his activities. In Moscow, at the beginning of the 90s of the last century, there were no luxurious casinos; everything was just beginning here. Like the stylish Las Vegas casinos, the first Shangri La was set up in here. The work rules were strict; the casino put up huge prizes, which were paid here. The first gambling establishment worked until 2009 until laws were changed in Russia, according to which all casinos were obliged to move to special zones. Global changes entailed a change in address and marked the beginning of network expansion.

After the new law release in the Russian Federation, the company decided to open a unit in Armenia. This happened in 2008. The new gambling establishment was chic and unique; the masters of the Yerevan Academy of Arts were involved in its design. Beautiful halls set up for a game and also for an unforgettable vacation. The casino has a high cuisine that meets the requirements of the most meticulous gourmets. Shangri La Yerevan is one of those few casinos where large-scale poker fights are held with the assignment of a gold bracelet. The casino has a poker club.

Shangri La Minsk, which opened in 2009, was similar to the same name casino in Moscow. The Russian unit has moved to the Republic of Belarus, “taking” with it half of the regular players. The distance between the capitals can be reached in one hour flight, which is not an obstacle for true game lovers. The complex is located in a separate building, next to which there is a transparent cube with the main prize inside. Those who are lucky take cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles and other impressive prizes from it. The unit has its own restaurant specializing in high cuisine, headed for many years by Mark Ulrich. This casino has been officially recognized as the best in Minsk for 6 consecutive years.

The third gambling establishment in the network was the Shangri La casino in Georgia. It was opened in a very picturesque, historic district of Tbilisi in 2012. In the neighborhood with the unit, there is an ambiguous remarkableness – the Bridge of Peace, which appeared to be from outer space. From the restaurant windows, located in the casino, the Bridge of Peace panorama opens. The interior is made in the classic art deco style inherent in the network. At every step, you can see the brand elements. Shangri La, as the best casino in Tbilisi, has won the Golden Brand award for three consecutive years. It is very popular with foreign visitors; some arrive only for the sake of a great game and quality service.

According to Darren Keane, Storm International director, the last network branch today is SL Casino Riga. The Latvian unit opening year is 2017. The casino halls area is 600 square meters, and they are located in the exclusive Grand Hotel Kempinski. All guests here are greeted with the hospitality inherent in all network casinos. The characteristic design and relaxing atmosphere will allow you to relax well.

In all Shangri La units, there are exclusive XO VIP-class clubs, which make it possible to play in solitude in the most comfortable conditions. Here they play at high stakes, and with the big prize, casinos organize personal games for guests, transfer, free accommodation, and other benefits.

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