The harsh reality about life is that it tends to get really difficult in old age. One starts to suffer from memory loss, weak body, and other ailments that restrict activity. Thankfully, there are numerous smart devices out there that can make life in the old age significantly easier.

If you have an elderly to take care of, then here we have gathered a list of some of the most useful smart devices that you can get hold of to make life easier for them.

Smart Medication Dispensers

One of the most irritating things that old age brings with itself is the dependency on medicines. Elderly people need to take numerous medicines for all sorts of issues on a daily basis. However, memory usually does not stand by your side in this difficult time.

Nowadays, there are several smart medication dispensers out there such as MedMinder. These smart devices automate the process of taking the right medication at just the right time.

This device is designed to remind you of the daily medicine consumption at the right time. It will also alert the caretakers in case you forget to take your medication on time.

Smart Lights

According to a study, around one-third of the elderly population falls down each year, which often leads to serious injuries. Poor visibility is one of the major causes of falling. One plausible solution for this is the use of smart lights in your household.

These lights can be connected to a smartphone app, which allows you to control them from wherever you are. When you install these lights in your home, you can program them with voice commands and then access them with Alexa or Google.

All you need to do is teach the right voice command to the elderly, so they can operate these lights with ease.

Smart Stove Shutoff

Stoves can be very dangerous if proper precautions are not observed. Forgetting to turn off the stove is something that happens to everyone, regardless of age. However, the consequences can be quite serious when there is an elderly involved.

One thing you could do to tackle this problem is getting a smart stove shutoff device. These devices can be programmed to turn off the stove automatically, thus preventing the risk of serious harm. You can either choose the default settings or choose a specified time.

Smart Home Sensors

One of the many issues an elder has to face is the lack of independence. You simply cannot leave them unattended for a very long time. One thing you could do is get smart home sensors installed in your house.

These sensors offer several functionalities such as tracking the movement of the person as they move around the house. You can monitor their movement via video and get alerts in case of any accidents.

Smart EKG Monitors

Another useful smart device for the elderly is a smart EKG monitor. It is equipped with the technology to perform an EKG in exactly 30 seconds. You can detect Bradycardia or Normal Heart Rhythm with this device.

The device is designed for easy use with no exposed wires or any form of hassle. You can also save EKG reports on your phone to show it to your doctors in case you need further treatment.

Smart Blood Pressure Cuff

High blood pressure becomes a common issue for most people in old age. For this issue, you could get a smart blood pressure cuff to help you monitor it. The device is Bluetooth enabled and can be used to accurately monitor blood pressure.

It is equipped with a prominent display LED so that it is easy to read for the elderly. You can track the readings on a compatible smartphone app as well, which may also be used as a record to show your doctor.

Smart Video Doorbell

A smart video doorbell can also be highly useful, especially for the elderly. The bell can be connected to your smartphone app as well. You can check whether or not you have to open the door right from the video feed on your phone.

Some of these doorbells also come with motion sensors installed in them. The device also informs you of any uninvited people on your property and allows you to contact help in time.


All these devices can help you create a better and safer environment for any elderly you take care of. We hope that they are enough to keep you at peace when you are away from them. When your loved ones’ safety and security are involved you simply do not compromise on anything. For these devices to work smoothly, you need a good internet connection. So, do check out Spectrum internet services available on Buytvinternetphone for amazing speeds at prices that are hard to beat.

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