The first online casino was introduced in 1996, August with a total number of 18 games available. Fast forward today, uncountable games are available with the introduction of new gambling websites such as this real money NZ casino site.

World gambling statistics reveal that around 26% of the population gambles across the world. Thus, this means that over 1.6 billion people gamble around the world every day, and 4.2 billion individuals once at least in a year. Additionally, when it comes to online gambling statistics, a study from the UK depicts 17 percent of the population prefers online gambling. Thus, results in revenue of 5.3 billion pounds for the online market only.

However, the US online market is quite different. Back in 2016, only 3 percent of the population from a total of 4.2 billion gambled regularly on online platforms. The graph of online gambling has risen since the revenue in 2018 reached up to $306.5 billion in the US online market. Nevertheless, the current revenue has risen, mostly contributed by sports betting.

Statistics by country in online gambling

When it comes to online gambling, we all are equally involved. Regardless of which country you belong to, the games you play, or the amount you bet, we all are up against the odds. However, similar to a stack of casino chips, some countries have risen against others in the past few years.

One of the reasons behind this concerns the laws of a country. Some countries have legalized it, while others have not. In simpler words, some nations have restricted it in some of its states, while other countries have banned it.

While there are different ways to measure this up, it’s hard to select a more involved country in online gambling other than Australia. According to several studies, the average Australian spends a huge amount of money on gambling than any other country. It is estimated that per adult spend $1,200 a year. Additionally, over 80% of the population is considered gamblers, which is the highest rate worldwide.

Australia is far ahead of most of the countries concerning online gambling. However, back in 2010, a study revealed that Singapore was close behind Australia.  Other nations, including Canada, Ireland, and Italy, spend an average of $600 per adult each year.

However, studies reveal that 75 percent of citizens gamble from time to time concerning the UK population. Additionally, when it comes to the United States population, 85 percent of grown-ups gamble at least once in their lifetime.

Other statistics concerning online gambling:

Online gambling is introduced in recent years and has been progressed up since then. Thus, finding relevant data can be tough, besides the fact that reporting has become better in recent years.

A survey from 2013 by SuperData Research revealed a lot of info regarding how gambles online and much gambling is carried down. One online gambling fact that is far behind stereotypes is that 57% of the female population is a gamble in the United States. However, this includes females who play socially instead of real money. Another fact revealed that adults are more likely to gamble. Additionally, 40 percent population from the age group 21-34 prefer online gamble.

Consequently, mobile gambling is also on the rise, especially in recent years. In 2012, the statistics revealed that mobile betting was up about 75 percent year after a year. Today, it accounts for 25 percent of searches, too.  It isn’t surprising that many industries believe that mobile gambling will take over the gambling industry in the upcoming years.

Statistics of popular gambling games

Sports betting

Sports betting has taken a rise in recent years, especially after the introduction of online betting. The facts and figures revealed that it is a billion-dollar industry. Additionally, it accounted for $58 billion, which jumped over to $77 billion in 2016.


From the early 2000s, online poker has been on the rise in online gambling. Additionally, it has generated more revenue since the inclusion of million-dollar prizes and bonuses.


It is estimated that online bingo now involves over 100 billion players across the world. 70-80 percent of women are included, age range between 30-50.  A stats from 2015 revealed that bingo constituted 3 percent of the market share, generating revenue of 128.64 million.


Online gambling or Internet gambling has been progressed over the years. Thus, it includes games such as virtual poker, casino, and sports betting. According to several estimates, it generates over $40 billion in revenue each year.

Several countries have been legalized it; however, it is restricted in several countries across the country. The stats stated above depict that it will rise in the forthcoming years and soon take over.

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