Stephen Soos thinks that crowd sourcing has become the platform for online business with E-business Strategy


How would you feel, becoming a part of the process of creating your favorite music video? Alternatively, as a buyer, waiting for the products come out of the production, the products they have been in trenches with, the products they have developed. This is where the trend is going…the crowd who decides everything. Yes, the crowdsourcing is the new trend, which facilitates the merging online and offline differences between a consumer and a company. Now the companies and developers start to interact with their consumers online, inviting them to be a part in the production process. This new trend is a new strategy for developing E-Business giving it a platform where a company outsources a task to a large group of people or community by an open call. How it works, let’s find out. could be said as the founder of this E-business strategy as it invites everyone to participate in writing online. In doing so, the crowd becomes the author of the largest encyclopedia to date. The has paved the way for other online business ventures, and thus crowdsourcing has opened many opportunities for the e-business owners who want to display their expertise. This business model drives so many have to contribute, and this is the magical factor, which works in the way of getting exponential growth in a very short period. This trend seems to stay here for long.

Actually, people seek experts for advice, and at the same time, they want to be seen as experts themselves. In addition, the crowd knows that the volunteers and followers, who contribute they are not driven by money, but it is their passion which forces them to join the drive. Keep in mind that through the wisdom of crowds comes the increased wisdom of each individual community member.

We are living in the age of transparency, consumers today, grown wiser about the knowledge of the product as they keep on writing and answering questions for one another with the online communities. They are now more apt to research forums and get the inside scoop on products and their development.

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