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Suppose that you are still browsing through the market and finding the right timepiece for you. When looking for your next wristwatch, you should consider what you need and want in life. The next wristwatch you will purchase will coexist with your daily activities. Hence, buying a timepiece that will suit your style and activities is a must.

The brand Suunto or as most wristwatch enthusiasts pronounce it, “Soon-toh,” is a brand you should consider. Over the years of innovating through compass and wristwatches. Their brand has been producing high-quality timepieces with champion-level features. Hence, browsing through the brand to find the perfect Suunto watch is an advantage. 

This article will show you some of the best wristwatches you can purchase on the market. All you need to do is check the design to suit your style and read the functionalities to see if it fits your daily activities. Here are the best timepieces from Suunto Watches that you should consider purchasing.

The Suunto 3 ZH Pebble White

The Suunto 3ZH pebble white wristwatch is one of the fantastic wristwatches you should consider. This timepiece is from the Suunto collection that most watch enthusiasts anticipate. The model SS050498000 is lightweight with the materials of stainless steel and polyamide. 

Although it may be lightweight, it is a durable timepiece to help you in your daily activities. In addition, having this timepiece has flexible features that you can use. It can enable you to use a diverse application that will help you track different things in your life. The best example is your wrist heart rate, GPS, mobile notifications, and more.

This timepiece is also paired with a silicone strap making it an additional comfort feature. You will also be having this timepiece together with a charging cable, quick guide, and a warranty leaflet. The warranty also has a two-year international warranty, so you do not have to worry about your timepiece all the time.

The Suunto 3 ZH Slate Grey Copper

The Suunto 3 ZH Slate Grey Copper is another great wristwatch in the watch industry. Having this timepiece in neutral shades of black allows it to be flexible and have a unisex design. The model SS050495000 is an excellent wristwatch available for both men and women. 

This fantastic timepiece offers functionalities that will provide convenience in your everyday activities. It has a nordic design that enables you to balance your life with its unique applications. It can track your heart rate, activity tracking, mobile data collected to GPS, mobile notifications, and more.

The design of this wristwatch has a black dial color alongside a black strap made with silicone materials and all of the fantastic features of this timepiece. You will also have 30 meters of water resistance. It can give you the option of going through water activities that you may want to indulge in. 

The Suunto 5 All Black Compact GPS Sports Watch

The Suunto 5 with the model number SS050303000 is another wristwatch you should check out. This timepiece is made for men that want a solid and manly vibe for their wristwatch. The choice of all-black color for this timepiece makes it easy to combine with most of the outfits you want to wear.

You have this timepiece with a fantastic design and combination of colors. It is a digital timepiece that allows you to list good qualities that will help your daily routines. Having this timepiece will give you a more convenient everyday experience in tracking different activities.

You are overall seeing the combination of its design and functionality. It is a fantastic timepiece to consider for your next purchase. Suppose that you are hesitant about its durability because it is a digital timepiece. You will be having this timepiece with an international warranty which ensures you for two years.


We have shown you some of the best timepieces from the different series of Suunto watch collections. Suppose that you are still unsatisfied with the list mentioned above. You can always visit Suunto’s official website and browse their list of timepieces available. The best way of choosing your next watch is to browse through

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