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Considering the time of COVID-19, it is best if we stay safe, which means we stay at home. To pass this time without getting bored, we need to look for ways to make this time fun at home.

Puzzles have been around for quite a long time now, they have existed since ancient age, and you will be able to find their significance throughout history. In modern times the crossword puzzles were first introduced and published in 1913 in newspapers, and they received a lot of popularity and approval.

We all know that puzzles are really important and beneficial for the cognitive development of children and adults.

Here are some facts on how solving puzzles can be beneficial for your mental health.

Playing Crosswords Daily Can Help Enhance Your Memory 

Solving crosswords daily can help enhance your memory. Age does that to everyone; we start forgetting things. It becomes a task to remember dates and little things, but don’t worry, this is perhaps one of the most common problems found in aging people. As we start to age, the majority of people begin to face troubles with their memory.

Solving puzzles regularly helps the brain to enhance memory power. It helps our brain cells get stronger, and also helps boost up our thinking capacity, which boosts up our thought process. Solving puzzles is great for people of all ages, especially aging people. It can help them with declining memory by enhancing their thought process.

Playing Puzzles Can Help You Think Outside The Box  

Crosswords are usually hard and can get complicated. Using the same strategy on each crossword puzzle may not be feasible and may not work. Trial and error is part of the learning curve used when solving any kind of puzzle. Hence it enables you to use different strategies and different techniques every time.

The entire process of using different techniques and strategies helps us use our brain smartly to make decisions, which acts as an exercise for the brain. This helps our brains to become more innovative and creative. Just a simple task of solving crosswords can boost our problem-solving skills and be more creative than we could ever be.

Solving Puzzles Can Help With Group Bonding.

Some people usually incorporate crossword puzzles during their family gatherings, birthday parties, reunions, etc. This is a fun and entertaining way to spend time together with your friends and family. When puzzles are solved in groups they can avail collaborative cruciverbalism, which in plain words means working together in a group to solve puzzles.

People above the age of 60 can solve puzzles with their family and friends, conveniently at home. Research has shown that regularly solving puzzles can help in making communication between two individuals much more efficient. It does not matter whether you are playing with a family member, spouse, or stranger the results are usually positive.

Increases Your Vocabulary

You should never stop learning; we must always keep learning something new and different every day. To fulfill your aim, you can learn new and exciting words by solving crosswords regularly. Crossword puzzle creators usually use rare and unused words in their crosswords to make them more difficult and fun for the audience.

At times you may be forced to open and use a dictionary to understand the meaning of a complex word in the crossword. It helps in learning new words and increases your vocabulary. Having an increased set of vocabulary can benefit you a lot in your professional life. You can use different new words in your essays or emails, which would attract the reader.

Getting A Dose of Dopamine 

If you have ever solved a crossword puzzle that you thought was difficult, you might remember that amazing satisfactory feeling and sense of accomplishment you get after solving the puzzle. That feeling was because of a dopamine rush in your brain. Dopamine is a chemical that is responsible for that happy feeling when you do something. You do not need to solve an extremely difficult puzzle, solving a simple puzzle may have the same effect as well.

The dopamine rush in your brains improves your motor skills and makes you feel more confident and optimistic.

 Increasing Your Concentration

Crossword puzzles usually require your utmost attention and concentration to solve. You need to be focused to solve them. This improves your concentration, you can fully concentrate on a single task at hand and not get distracted.

Getting distracted is easy especially for students. Having total concentration on a single task can help in efficiently solving the task and doing it perfectly.

Helps fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Many people are a target of Dementia and Alzheimer’s as they grow, but there are ways you can prevent it. Research has shown that the only way to prevent neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s is to keep your brain-stimulating. The more the person stimulates their brain the less the chances of getting these diseases.

Solving crossword puzzles is a great way to stimulate your brain and keep those brain fluids going. This might prevent any future disorders that may occur to a person. Solving crossword puzzles is also a great way to enhance and boost your memory. No age is too old to start this healthy activity whether a child or an adult.

Improve IQ Score 

Since crosswords can help us enhance our memory, concentration, and vocabulary it makes sense that solving puzzles help us increase our IQ score. A study has shown that doing puzzles for at least twenty-five minutes a day can help you increase your IQ score by 4 points.


It is highly recommended that everyone should start this healthy hobby of solving puzzles. This is not only a good way to pass the time but also a workout for your brain. A healthy mind means a healthy body. If you are stuck in a crossword puzzle you can always visit Crossword solver, this is an online website that helps you solve crossword puzzles. You only need to provide the clue and the number of letters the word is, and all the possible answers are shown to you.

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