Smart homes aren’t part of science-fiction movies anymore. Technology in our houses and apartments has got to a point where it can do numerous tasks instead of us. We can talk with virtual assistants, have fridges suggest what to eat, or control our ovens from a mile away.

Moreover, it seems that every year there’s something new on the market of home automation. With so many cool gadgets which help with our daily routine, it’s hard to choose the most impressive ones. However, we dared to pick several devices that caught our eye.

Read on!

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras have been inside and around our houses even before the concept of smart homes was invented. However, modern, high-quality cameras have multiple features — recording video is just one of them.

Let’s take iCamera Keep Pro as an example. This device records in 1080p resolution and is equipped with both sound and movement detection. It has motion sensors that allow the camera to follow the movement of a person in a room. Also, the recorded material is stored on a cloud which you won’t have to pay for when buying the device.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, you should look into Wyze Cam Pan. It comes with almost the same features as the iCamera Keep Pro, and it costs only around $30, which makes it one of the most affordable choices for smart surveillance.

While we’re here, we might as well mention SkyBell HD. While this is a camera, it also serves as a doorbell. It is triggered several seconds before someone rings, and it records video in 1080p. Apart from outstanding picture quality, SkyBell HD has a night vision feature which displays the picture in color.

Home Security

While surveillance cameras are technically used for home security, they deserve a section of their own. As far as other smart security systems go, we thought we should mention a couple of them as well.

ADT Pulse is probably one of the most trusted systems around. While it can come off as pricey, the service you get with it is worth the money. Plus, you can’t put a price on a good security system. The system comes with an app that notifies you of notable events, potential issues, and other things. It also has 24/7 customer support and non-stop monitoring.

If you’re looking for something more than just surveillance for your security system, you should try smart door locks. There are more than a few out there, but the one from the August Home company called Smart Lock Pro + Connect seems to be the best one. It comes with a bell and is supported by top voice assistant brands. Most importantly, it’s one of the most secure smart locks you can purchase.

Temperature Control

Whether you and the people you live with need heating or cooling, there are several excellent choices among smart home gadgets you can make.

Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the favorites on the market, and for a good reason. It allows you to control it from multiple devices, like PCs, phones, and tablets. It has plenty of features, including compatibility and interaction with other Nest devices such as smoke detectors and security cameras. It has a sleek minimalistic design that complements any home, but it is a little bit expensive.

Ecobee4 is an alternative, although both models are equally great. The sensor in this device can identify specific locations in a room where it’s too hot or too cold, and adjust the temperature accordingly. While it has a lot of features, Ecobee4 is very simple to use and has a built-in voice assistant.


Creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home has a lot to do with lighting. One of the most impressive smart home lighting devices we came across is Philips Hue. Apart from the light intensity control, Philips Hue also lets the user change the color of the light. White, blue, yellow, orange — you name it. It’s a great device but notes that it’s not cheap.

If you’re looking for some alternatives, Eufy Lumos and Ecobee Switch+ are some of the choices you also won’t go wrong with. They both allow for voice commands and can let you play with the light color and light intensity.

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