As more and more people are moving towards modernizing their homes, improvements in windows and doors are being seen. In particular, the popularity of sliding patio doors also seems to be blooming. These doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who like a modern home design. They project a very exotic look and come off as a symbol of class. If you are also a modern home design lover who is planning to incorporate sliding patio doors, we suggest you go through its pros and cons first.

The Pros of Sliding Patio Doors


The first advantage of installing sliding patio doors into is that they are aesthetically pleasing. They give off the modern home vibe and catch other people’s attention. If you’re looking for ways to increase the curb appeal of your home, installing sliding patio doors is a good idea.

These doors usually come in rectangular designs installed vertically and do not have much room for hardware options. However, homeowners can still choose to decorate these doors with hanging plants, custom designed knobs, and locks, hanging chimes, ringing bells, outdoor/indoor plants, and curtains.

Wider Passage

The second benefit of installing sliding patio doors is that they offer a wider passage than other door materials. This is due to their ability to slide to one side completely.

Ample Sunlight And Air

The third benefit of installing sliding patio doors is that they allow the provision of ample sunlight and air ventilation. These doors give a neat and finished look and give off a fresh vibe.

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The Cons of Sliding Patio Doors


Since they give off such an exuberant vibe, sliding patio doors draw too much attention to the house. This can lead to unfavorable circumstances such as threats of burglary and theft. In addition to this, the fact that sliding patio doors get jammed also risks the family’s security. Therefore, sliding patio doors do not make a very good option for homeowners who are more concerned about their security.

Installation Cost

Sliding patio doors have a very high installation cost. Before their installation, a whole structure needs to be installed over which they’ll slide to and fro. Moreover, since these doors are meant to slide, they have small passages that allow their frame to slide against a rail. All of these tiny bits and pieces need to be properly installed to ensure an error-free working of sliding patio doors. The cost of this structure plus the cost of installation adds up to a lot.

High Maintenance

Sliding patio doors require high maintenance on a homeowners’ part. The path over the door slides is prone to gathering dust and molds easily. Moreover, if not cleaned regularly, the dust could clog the sliding path and cause the door to jam.

So, if you are considering installing sliding patio doors, be prepared to clean them periodically. Additionally, you will also have to put in the effort for maintaining their form by regularly getting the rails and other metal installations painted to prevent rust.

Moreover, you will need to be very cautious while cleaning the glass so that you don’t end up scratching its surface. Also, if you don’t dry them properly, it’ll leave unsightly water spots on the glass. All of this might be too much for some people.

Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions

Sliding patio doors do not fare well under extreme weather conditions. On one hand, extremely hot temperatures can cause their sliding rails to expand while heating up their glass and frame. On the other, extreme cold temperatures can cause their sliding rails to contract, causing difficulty in sliding. Similarly, rain can result in the rusting of metal installations.

All of the above-mentioned facts about sliding patio doors reveal that they aren’t really suitable for areas with extreme climatic conditions. They can only fare well under mild climates with warm springs and cool breeze, probably somewhere near the sea. However, even there, the metal installations might corrode due to the salt present in the air near the sea.

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Durability in Question

Since their conception, sliding patio doors have had their durability under question. One can easily break through the glass, which is the main component of the door. The frame only makes up a fraction of the sliding door and so does its metal installations.

Home security experts have always raised a question mark on the strength of glass used in the manufacturing of these doors. Though with technological advancement, companies now try to manufacture double or triple-paned glass for sliding patio doors, they still remain a less durable option.

The life of sliding patio doors is also directly proportional to the life of the glass and other materials used. Once the glass starts to ag, it will appear dirty, foggy, and blurry. It will block the outside view and sunlight and give off an ugly look.

If the metal railings or other installments get damaged, they will start breaking apart due to corrosion and rusting. Thus, sliding patio doors don’t really make a durable option.

If we compare the pros of installing sliding patio doors with the cons, the cons outweigh the pros. Too much security risk, timely maintenance, huge installation and maintenance cost, delicate door material and worst, the dust accumulation in hollow places make sliding patio doors a not-so-attractive option. Yet, there are people who still opt for them nonetheless due to their high-end classy vibe.

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