When it comes to gambling, and to the game of Blackjack, there is no shortage of terminology. It’s important to know the lingo of Blackjack if you want to become a serious player, or even continue to play casually.

Many outsiders, or even casual gamblers, might not be aware that the slang and vernacular of gambling continues to evolve. As different games rise and fall in popularity, gamblers continue to create new slang phrases.

Staying on top of all these changes can be tricky. However, it’s important to so in order to more fully understand players’ insights into your game of choice.

That’s why we’d like to arm you with the words, phrases, and slang that you’re likely to encounter at the Blackjack table. Knowing the terminology won’t make you a good player overnight, but it gives a good foundation to understand the game and communicate relevant concepts with other players.

Being able to speak about the game with seasoned players will be the ideal springboard to becoming a shark at the Blackjack table.

Below is a list of Blackjack terms and slang you should be well-versed with:


Before you can start winning at Blackjack, you have to become crystal clear about when you’ve lost. A Bust refers to having a hand totaling more than 21 points and denotes an automatic loss.


As you’re probably aware, the order of betting is important in Blackjack. The player who is last to bet, seated to the right of the dealer at the right side of the table is called the Anchorman. While the term may conjure memories of your favorite Will Ferrel movie, leave aside Ron Burgundy and instead just remember that the Anchorman is the last player to act.


If there does happen to be any fishy business at the Blackjack table, it’s up to the Floorman to stop it in its tracks. The Floorman is the casino supervisor who oversees the Blackjack table.

First Baseman

Contrary to the Floorman is the First Baseman. The First Baseman is the player in the first seat of the table and is first to act.


The term Action simply refers to the act of making a bet, as clarified by this useful glossary by Gamblers Daily Digest.

Card Counter

Let’s face it. We all fancy ourselves a bit smarter than we actually are. But, if you’re unlucky enough to face down a true genius across the Blackjack table, you might be dealing with Card Counter. A Card Counter is a player that keeps track of all cards dealt and determines which cards are still in the deck.

Many Card Counters find uses for their skills outside of Blackjack. Attorney Jane Willis, for example, attributes her success as a litigator to skills she learned counting cards while playing Blackjack. Now a Partner at Ropes and Gray in Boston, she likens capitalizing on winning odds in Blackjack to a successful litigation strategy.


Since betting is sequential, a Round refers to a completed sequence of betting in which everyone from the First Baseman to the Anchorman has had the chance to act on his or her hand.

Betting Limits

When facing down such inscrutable patterns, it’s best to keep in mind Betting Limits. As explained in Weekly Slots News, Betting Limits are the maximum bets that can be placed at a casino or during a game.

Flat Bet

You’re bound to encounter betting patterns when playing. Perhaps one of the more befuddling ones is the Flat Bet. The Flat Bet is when a player continues to bet the same amount each hand.


As the game continues and you want to try your luck, you’ll likely be calling for a Hit. As noted by South Florida Reporter, a Hit is a call for another card to be dealt in Blackjack.


Important in discerning strategy is understanding slang that pertains to different cards in the deck. The term Paint refers to any face card. That is, any Jack, Queen, or King.

Don’t forget. Even when betting, silence is customary at the Blackjack table. Use hand gestures to communicate as much as you can and you’ll be well-liked at the table. For more on that, see Gambling News Magazine for a helpful guide on Blackjack etiquette.


Among the most famous of Blackjack, terms are High Roller. A High Roller is a player that consistently bets large amounts of money.


If you hear Blackjack players referring to Penetration, make no mistake. They are talking about the number of cards the dealer deals out before shuffling.

There are a number of terms that refer to different hands and cards in Blackjack. It’s important to get a handle on them to know what players are talking about when they mention a given hand.

Stiff Card and Stiff Hand

A stiff card is a card with a value ranked from two to six. These cards might force the dealer to hit.

A stiff hand is a hand totaling 12-16. Careful with these because they will bust with a hit of any card that has a value of 10.

Poor Deck and Rich Deck

If many 10-value cards have been dealt with in the course of a hand, that deck is called a 10 Poor Deck. Conversely, if not many 10-value cards have been dealt, that deck is known as a 10 Rich Deck.

Tip or Toke

When playing Blackjack, especially if you’re having a good night, don’t forget to show some love to the dealer. A Tip or Toke refers to a gratuity given to the dealer by a player.


If you do manage to develop some good rapport with the dealer and want to do away with other players entirely, it is possible to play only with the dealer. Doing so is called playing Head-to-Head.

There are many resources like OnlineCasinoGems available online, and using them will allow you to hone your Blackjack skills, and to keep picking up the latest trending slang phrases along the way.

We hope that this provides a good foundation to learn the basic slang and terminology of Blackjack. Now that you know the lingo, make sure to seek out a place where you can find great bonuses to enroll in casino games.


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