The Weirdest Little Towns in the USA


You may think you come from an unusual little town, but chances are the descriptions to come will change your mind! There are some truly bizarre sights to see in the USA.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia has been burning since the 1960s!

In 1981, 1 000 people called Centralia home, but by 2010 this number had dwindled to less than a dozen. It seems the coal mine fire that has been blazing beneath the town’s surface since 1962 finally got too much for some of them. Think gas, sinkholes, toxic smoke, and a highway that is hot to the touch. Residents apparently could no longer handle the noxious environment and started moving away.

In 1992, the Pennsylvania state administration seized all the town’s property and condemned it, so no one is allowed to move there. They let the people already living there stay, but once they are gone that will be the end of it.

Colma, California

In the two square miles that make up the small incorporated San Mateo County town of Colma, there are 17 cemeteries. There are an estimated two million dead people within the city limits and just 1 200 live ones.

In the late 1800s, bodies were transported from San Francisco to this area because graveyards were taking up too much space in the boomtown, and thus a City of Souls was born. You can visit Wyatt Earp’s grave if you’re in the area since this is where the Old West lawman and gambler is buried.

Monowi, Nebraska

The population of Monowi is exactly one and is Ms. Elsie Eiler. She originally lived there with her husband, Rudy, but since he passed away in 2004 she’s all by herself.

Ms. Eiler is the mayor, town bartender, and the only librarian. She even pays herself taxes.

Slab City, California

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Journalists have painted Slab City as a strange, anarchic patch of the California desert inhabited by a mix of army veterans, drug addicts, eccentrics, and hippies. They call it The Last Free Place in America and it has even been featured in films. Sean Penn’s 2007 film Into the Wild shows us a glimpse of this bizarre place where everyone lives off the grid.

Apparently, there are roughly 150 people who make Slab City their permanent home, but RV owners and squatters have been known to drift through. Dismantled, decommissioned, and disbanded, it sounds like an anti-city, if such a thing could exist.

Whittier, Alaska

There is a tiny town almost 60 miles southeast of Anchorage, Alaska where everybody lives with everybody else. In one building!

The 14-stories of Begich Towers is home to Whittier’s 214 residents. It was originally an army barracks, but over time has gone on to include a bed and breakfast, church, general store, playground, police station, post office, and even a health center.

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